The Enneads of Plotinus Deconstructed (Free Half) – Jay Dyer

In this talk I dive into an overview of the Enneads of Plotinus. We consider its similarity with the rest of so-called ‘perennial philosophy’ and how this doctrine is not compatible with biblical theology and why Augustine was influenced by it in his filioquism.

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3 Comments on The Enneads of Plotinus Deconstructed (Free Half) – Jay Dyer

  1. Melponeme_k // June 8, 2017 at 9:07 pm // Reply

    I never received the impression that the Neoplatonists deified themselves as god or gods. The impression I received is that they thought that “god”, “Monad” etc was so vast it could experience the reality it created through us (the shard idea). We are still individuals created in its image.

    The ascension through the spheres is akin to frequencies. Everything has a frequency. We exist in a certain band of light frequency. We can’t see the rest. It seems all the ascension writings in Plotinus was about breaking out of the visible, to access more of reality. Eventually to the realm of God. This all ties back into many of our cultural ideas and it has saturated our culture as a whole. Tolkein wrote about it as the Ainulindale. It is even in Twin Peaks as Agent Cooper travels through electrical waves to access different parts of reality.

    Why all of this shouldn’t be dismissed is because the elites believe in all of this. Have they tied it all into Satanism? More likely used it to bolster Satanism.

    • Iamblichus teaches theurgy

      • melponeme_k // June 8, 2017 at 11:47 pm //

        Yes, the elites structure all our entertainment as religious ritual.

        The idea is that since humans were all gifted with God’s ability to imagine and create, we are all creating the world as it is now. In order for the elites to create the world THEY WANT (massive wealth, power and worship for them), they have to influence us. That is why everything we see is filled with rancid symbols, some degraded from their original intent (Christianity, Judaism, even Alchemy). All with the focus of us making the world their oyster. You see it can’t be forced or they would face cosmic consequences.

        The last thing they want is for all of us to become aware of how much control we actually have. They dread that we will become “enlightened” to their scams. That will be like turning off the power switch to their lives of luxury.

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