Islam, the West & Manchester Terror: ‘Clash of Theological Civilizations’

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By: Jay Dyer

In the wake of another “terror attack,” numerous oddities and synchronicities emerge which, in my estimation should raise obvious questions to anyone with enough brainpower left to recall recent “big-scale events.”  Ariana Grande’s Manchester, U.K. Concert was purportedly “bombed” by a suicidal Jihadi last night, with a claim of 22 dead, on May 22, an act supposedly committed by a 22 year old.  Did you do a number two just now, seeing all those 2s?

I’m not going to rehearse the tired old analyses of how the guy will inevitably be well-known to security forces, how ISIS is claiming responsibility, followed by the meaningless, cynical political grandstanding of the narcissistic psychopathic politicians who vomit out their meaningless words about fixing the political process.  If the last election taught the world anything, it reaffirmed the claim of Dr. Quigley decades ago that elections are a fraud to reinvest the pubic energy and attention into the already-rigged system.

The now PUBLIC knowledge of the West and its allies like Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States in funding, training and arming these terrorists, combined with Donald Trump and the funders of terror reenergizing their demon powers through the Great Mystical Orb (I am joking) is really just icing on the cake:  We are living in a movie.

I am being sarcastic, but in a sense this is true.  My site and book have documented and detailed countless instances of predictive programming, but after a while, this also becomes passé.  Of course the recent Manchester Attack mirrors the last Bond film, SPECTRE, where a private security company run by Blofeld coopts the government’s Mi5/6 and stages terror events.  Nowadays it would be strange if the films didn’t mirror the so-called real-world simulacra.

SPECTRE mirrored the real events because it obvious had scripting or consulting from the intelligence and security services.  The film’s “9 Eyes” security alliance is based on the real world 5, 9 , and 14 eyes security alliance system that arose from a secret treaty that arose from the Cold War.  Much like the establishment of the E.U. and the E.U. Common Market, no nation had any say in whether this would occur – it was simply done in secret for “security” reasons, because, well, of all those commies.

Just like the Rand Corporation’s drawing up and marketing of Desert Storm as the first live-TV shock and awe reality show, Rand also drew up a heck of a lot more.  The transition from the Cold War to the War on Terror was a Rand project, as well as the move from an industrial nation to a “service economy.”   It drew up a lot of the Cold War PsyOps, as well as the perpetual “nuke threat” – with the helpful advice to stop, drop and roll under your desk (which is sure to protect from the “million degree” radiation blast.)

Nevermind Rand it worked with a Hollywood Film Studio at Laurel Canyon to create all this propaganda – it was all for the good of America in fighting evil Germans and Russians.   It was also involved in that thing called “Obamacare,” and how to sell it to the public.   It was also involved in creating the entire continuity of government apparatus, underground bases, on and on and on. In all of this, we just keep being presented with the crucial importance and intertwined incest of Rand and these organizations with Hollywood.

The Cold War dialectic was largely a manufactured one, as we have proposed many times, where the dominant faction of Western Atlanticist power elite constructed two World Wars for the purpose of weakening Russia and Germany, allowing for geo-strategic dominance.   This should be obvious, not just from important geopolitical analysts, but also from the rise of the League of Nations, followed by the United Nations.   With the pragmatic materialism and parasitic Darwinian ethos as its backbone, the West long ago capitulated to cutting itself off from any connection to the realm of the Spirit or the Transcendent.  Instead it opted for the mythos of Magical Masonic Materialism, with a cadre of Satanists and Luciferians above them.

This philosophy is not wholly “Zionist” or even “Masonic,” as the roots of spiritual evil are far more ancient than modern political developments.  Zionists themselves sought to eventually overthrow British occupation, becoming frustrated with the Imperial Power that created their modern state.   Indeed, the impetus behind the modern Imperium shares many similarities with older Empires, but is also unique in many ways, particularly with its self-consciously post-Christian, Anti-Christian spirit, impelling it to destroy not only its past, but ultimately man himself.   This is why there is almost a complete blackout of ignorance in the West about Byzantium, its history, and its Orthodox Theology.

Its “brains” are men who wore an outward face of humanitarianism while simultaneously espousing the most genocidal and hate-filled ideologies of wiping out humanity as it is, all based on a ridiculous replacement Gospel of transhumanism.  From St. Just to Comte to H.G. Wells to Bertrand Russell, the “Great Work” is one of various stages and processes that must occur before new phases emerge.  If this were solely a “Jewish” psychological warfare attack, Tel Aviv would not be a giant global gay capital – especially since many who oppose globalism often point out the fact that these sexual dysfunction operations seem aimed at children.  Evil is a spiritual problem, not a racial or even primarily ideological one, and any worldview which seeks to collapse the spirit into biological determinism is doomed to both failure and manipulation from larger power blocs.

Thus, the seamless transition from the Cold War to the War on Terror demonstrates the fallacy of the official narratives.  After 9/11 Bush’s speech writers drew upon calculated term and phrases like a “New Crusade” to push the emerge of a new global conflict no longer bound by the geographic spheres of the Cold War – East Versus West.  The new Rand Corporation phase would be the ideological clash of the West versus Islam, which necessitated both seeing the other as their extremes.   Islam must see the West as the cause of the degeneracy of pop culture and as Satanic, while the faux Christian West must see all of Islam as a Jihadists.  The reality is, both groups are manipulated by large scale interests, from weapons manufacturers to think tanks to NGOs to billionaires.   Regardless, the key factor to remember is that the West and Islam are not compatible, especially in the degenerate Trans-State the West has morphed into (by design).

Saying this does not mean I am “Pro-Islam” anymore than I am Pro-Communist or Pro-Bankster or Pro-Gaga.  It means that at the meta level, ideologies are commodities that can be trafficked and manipulated for target populations, and the Rand Corporation and other think tanks specialize in these forms of manipulation, with the mass media following suit and creating the pre-scripted narratives for the so-called “big events,” in Operation Mockingbird 2.0 style.

Islam, in my view, is a weird Arian/Nestorian cult and has been long analyzed as such by our theologians.   Islam relies on utter and total ignorance of the actual texts of the Bible, which a basic knowledge of rules out as utterly nonsensical and contradictory, especially on the crucial topic of typology (which they have absolutely no grasp of, such as Temple symbology, prophetic fulfillment, etc.).  I have attempted numerous dialogues and debates with Muslims, but so far has been futile, as they aren’t even willing to look at the Torah generally based on their unfounded and ridiculous conspiracy theory that all the biblical texts are “altered and corrupted” by Jews.   Islam ironically reduces to the same critiques of Western absolute divine simplicity we have covered in other places – making St. Gregory of Panamas all the more relevant here.

St Gregory Palamas even debated Turks over these theological issues:

St. Gregory of Palamas.

In his dialogues with his Turkish Muslim captors, St. Gregory reveals he has a more thorough understanding of Islam and how to counter its theological claims than that evinced in St. John Damascene’s Heresies (written as it was some six centuries earlier, during Islam’s still formative years following its first violent expansion beyond the Arabian peninsula). St. Gregory presents the teaching of God as Trinity through scriptural exegesis, even using verses from the Koran to stress the co-essential and indivisible Word and Spirit of God, as in this excerpt:


Only God, Who ever was before the ages is unoriginate, unending, everlasting [Ps. 89:2], unchanging, indivisible, without confusion, and infinite. Everything created is perishable and changeable. God, the only unoriginate One, is neither without Reason/Logos nor is He without Wisdom. The Logos of God is also the Wisdom of God [1 Cor. 1:24], because Wisdom is in the Logos and without the Logos there is no Wisdom [1 Cor. 1:30]. Therefore, to say there was ever a time when God existed without the Logos and without Wisdom, is impious and impossible; for the Logos of God is also unoriginate, and Wisdom is never to be separated from Him [Jn. 1:1].

Now the Logos is never to be found without the Spirit, a point which you Turks also confess. [3]

It is said that Christ is the Logos (Word) of God [Rev. 19:13] and the Spirit of God [Rom. 8:9; Gal. 4:6], (since He is co-essential) and never separated from the Holy Spirit. Therefore, God has a Logos and a Spirit that are ever with Him, and are also unoriginate and indivisible. For God was never, nor will He ever be, without spirit or reason (logos); One therefore is Three, and these Three are One [1 Jn. 5:7]. God, therefore, has a Logos and Spirit [Jn. 1:1, 2; 1 Cor. 2:11; Eph. 2:18], but not as we have reason and a spirit. I shall give you an example. As the effulgence of the sun leaves it and shines down upon us, yet the radiance and the ray never separate from the disk (star) itself. That is why we name them (the radiance and the ray) ‘sun,’ and do not name them another sun apart from the one. Thus, it is the same when we name God and the Logos of God and the Holy Spirit. We do not name some other God from the One, Who is unoriginate and eternal together with the unoriginate Logos and Spirit [Eph. 2:18]. [4]

Having begun with the New Testament, he then turns to the Old, seeking to persuade the Muslims, who claim to honor the previous scriptures of the Jews and Christians:

This is how we were taught to believe and confess by Christ Himself, the Logos of God. Not only did Christ teach thus, but Moses also in the Decalogue, which you adopted on your part. When Moses uttered, ‘The Lord our God is one Lord’ [Deut. 6:4], he said three times the One—because he said ‘Lord’ twice and ‘God’ once—in order to reveal the Three in One and the One in Three. From the beginning, Moses desired to reveal that God and the Logos have the Spirit and between Them and with Them is One God. The Creator, Who created everything, said, ‘Let there be light, and there was light’ [Gen. 1:3]. He said, ‘Let the earth bring forth the herb of grass, bearing seed…’ [Gen. 1:11]. Now, without going into detail, as David says, ‘All that God said, came to be’ [Ps. 148:5; 103:32; 135:4-9]. The scriptural verse then, ‘God said, and it came to pass,’ reveals that God has a logos—for a saying cannot be without a word—and by this Logos did all creation come to pass [1 Cor. 8:6]. The Logos of God existed before all creation and is uncreated [Jn. 1:1-3; 17:5, 24; Heb. 1:2]. Since the Logos of God is uncreated, how can He not be God?  This is because only God is uncreated.

Now let us return to Moses concerning the making of man. He says, ‘And God formed the man of dust of the earth, and breathed upon his face the breath of life, and the man became a living soul’ [Gen. 2:7]. Within the verse, ‘God breathed the breath of life, and the man became a living soul,’ it is revealed that God has a Spirit [Rom. 15:19; 8:9] and that Spirit is creating [Gen. 1:2]. [5]

The Creator of the soul is solely God. Thus did Job say, ‘The divine Spirit is that which formed me, and the breath of the Almighty that which teaches me’ [Job. 33:4]. [6]

Thus we see St. Gregory argues for the Trinity primarily on the two-fold basis of God’s wisdom and His will to create; it is impossible for God to be without Logos or Spirit, otherwise He would be both dumb and uncreative. [7]
As well we should consider the ancient witness of St. John of Damascus, who was a secretary to the Caliphate!:

St. John of Damascus

“There is also the superstition of the Ishmaelites which to this day prevails and keeps people in error, being a forerunner of the Antichrist. They are descended from Ishmael, [who] was born to Abraham of Agar, and for this reason they are called both Agarenes and Ishmaelites. They are also called Saracens, which is derived from Sarras kenoi, or destitute of Sara, because of what Agar said to the angel: ‘Sara hath sent me away destitute.’ [99] These used to be idolaters and worshiped the morning star and Aphrodite, whom in their own language they called Khabár, which means great. [100] And so down to the time of Heraclius they were very great idolaters. From that time to the present a false prophet named Mohammed has appeared in their midst. This man, after having chanced upon the Old and New Testaments and likewise, it seems, having conversed with an Arian monk, [101] devised his own heresy. Then, having insinuated himself into the good graces of the people by a show of seeming piety, he gave out that a certain book had been sent down to him from heaven. He had set down some ridiculous compositions in this book of his and he gave it to them as an object of veneration.” Note 101:  ‘This may be the Nestorian monk Bahira (George or Sergius) who met the boy Mohammed at Bostra in Syria and claimed to recognize in him the sign of a prophet.’ (more here)

The global Hollywood psychodrama is played by cynical politicians and technocrats with a rabid anti-human ideology.  The Great Game is now played out in nations like Yemen and Syria, the satellites of Russia like Ukraine and those of us who look on in the West are given an occasional reminder of some far away undefined G.I. Joe – COBRA villain called “ISIS” that is also known to be a tool of Western intelligence and funding.  Confronted with this blatant contradiction, many are placed (by design) in a catatonic state and follow the mainstream narrative as it changes and contradicts from day to day.  There seems to be no method to the madness, but at the meta level, we see there most certainly is.

The Ark – symbolism and typology unknown to Islam.

The clash of civilizations model of Bernard Lewis and Huntington becomes apparent, but then we raise more pertinent questions about the recent history of Islam and we find no coherent answer – such as where were all the Jihadist terror attacks in the decades from 1900-1940?   For that matter, where were the Jihadist attacks during the Cold War?  Why was it only Russians and Commies we were told be concerned with?   Questions like these betray the absurdity and Orwellian nature of these narratives, but if we probe deeper, we come upon questions generally discarded and considered irrelevant and unanswerable – such as which theological position is actually coherent and true?

Modern geopolitical analysis who are often excellent, correct and insightful fall apart here, as they are 95% of the time completely ignorant of the Bible, theology and various religious traditions (unless they happen to be some specialist in a certain tradition).   Thus, in my view, we must go where the typical analyst will not and cannot – into the realms of theology and when looking at Islam we see two crucial issues come to the fore: 1) The theological texts of Islam purport some relation to the biblical record, yet there is no evidence for the stupid conspiracy theory Jews altered all their own texts.

100 A.D. fragment of John.

The remarkable harmony and synthesis between the LXX and the 5,000 or so New Testament fragments and manuscripts, as well as the thousands of patristic preservations of many citations of these texts, demonstrates the utter nonsense of such a theory.  On top of that, Jews would not have preserved countless prophecies and types and their fulfillments that work so strongly to confirm Christianity – if their goal was to ruin their own texts.  2) The complete ignorance of Islamic theologians and “apologists” and their blockheaded approach to hermeneutics and exegesis is reminiscent of the interactions one has with other cults like the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons.

The Book of Hebrews explains all of the Temple symbolism with pinpoint accuracy, showing the absurdity of central tenets of Islam.

The presupposition is the Bible is “corrupted,” and as a result arbitrary pieces and fragments are grafted into a new “prophet’s” book that takes precedence.  You will never get an explanation for the cut and paste job, how they know which texts are “pure” and which aren’t, and in this way mirror the folly of the now admittedly incorrect “higher critics” and their “documentary hypothesis.”  Just as with Mormons and JWs, one would expect at least an understanding of the Bible and its texts and the claims and arguments of typology – but I have yet to encounter this.

No political process or activism or libertarian crap or clever online analysts “exposing” staged terror are going to change anything because the issues are ancient and are big scale – the issues of how God relates to man, the world and death.   Like it or not, all of these issues in the modern world revolve around the Person of Jesus and the books of the Bible.  The demonstration of who He was and is is related directly to typology and thus ultimately the clash is theological at root, and until atheistic, pragmatic, materialist idiocy ceases to reign in the West, it will have co coherent answer to the cult known as Islam.


10 Comments on Islam, the West & Manchester Terror: ‘Clash of Theological Civilizations’

  1. As for the Manchester thing; If you’re still interested in staged terror events and crisis actors etc – this one was perhaps the most blatant example so far. Nothing whatsoever to indicate an actual explosion. Plus they appear to have rehearsed it all 12 months ago:

  2. Michael Sean // May 25, 2017 at 6:54 am // Reply

    I live in Manchester and have been keeping my thoughts to myself on this thing. It is way too emotional here at the moment. There is a huge muslim population here (5% of the population of the city). I passed by the area of the bombing on Tuesday morning. The whole place is sealed off for the foreseeable future. There were two staged incidents here in Manchester last year in May; The Trafford Center incident someone has posted above, but also a fake bomb scare the same week at Old Trafford football ground.

    They have been preparing Manchester for a while.

  3. Time of event: 22:33

  4. james grey // May 26, 2017 at 5:47 pm // Reply

    guardian article with Manchester doctor on photoshopped background. Probably photographed on greenscreen

  5. james grey // May 26, 2017 at 6:20 pm // Reply

    opening scene of Ridley Scott’s 2008 movie Body of Lies. Police raid a terrorist bomb factory in Manchester, England.

    • I actually thought about that scene when I first read the story. Scott definitely did a more realistic job though – rubble, broken glass, and smoke etc. In this latest farce, they simply threw some clothes and red paint on the ground.. No blood, no tears, no trauma, no dirt, no dust, no smoke, no fire. Comical.

  6. James grey // May 29, 2017 at 8:03 am // Reply

    Body of Lies is pretty astonishing. Di Caprio the head of CIA in Jordan creates a false flag attack on an American military base and they blame a civilian patsy by hacking his computer and installing a fake internet history. It’s grotesque

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