ALIEN COVENANT: Bill Paxton Leaks Esoteric Film Secrets – Jay Dyer

Some satire and analysis based on my essays of Alien and Aliens.

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JaysAnalysis has grown to become one of the premier film and philosophy sites on the net, showcasing the talents of Jay Dyer, whose graduate work focused on the interplay of film, geopolitics, espionage and psychological warfare.  Jay is a public speaker, lecturer, comedian and author of the popular title Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film, which made it to Amazon’s No. 1 spot in its first month of release in the Film and Hollywood Category:


Known for his in-depth commentary, satire and celebrity impressions, Jay is the host of the JaysAnalysis Podcast and Esoteric Hollywood. He is also a regular contributor to 21stCenturyWire, Soul of the East and the Espionage History Archive, as well as appearing on numerous nationally syndicated radio shows, such as Ground Zero and Coast to Coast AM, as well as TV shows like Buzzsaw with Sean Stone. 

Broaching subjects as wide as satire, metaphysics, film analysis, theology, geopolitics, literature and history, as well as interviewing numerous prominent figures, Jay is academically published in peer review and has authored hundreds of articles already read by millions in just the past few years.  Jay Dyer has also co-created, written, and co-starred with Jay Weidner in a new television series titled Hollywood Decoded for Gaia based on his unique approach to film.


2 Comments on ALIEN COVENANT: Bill Paxton Leaks Esoteric Film Secrets – Jay Dyer

  1. gender bending – depends on how you view it. the baldness thing was to integrate her as not enticing into a male monasticized prison colony so has a reason for it. all were shaven. however, there’s two things. the androgyny thing presupposes radical sex differences and roles (which in fact people are trained into by example, by subtle approval and disapproval from earliest days and for instance in one experiment when the child is presented with an obstacle the parents encouraged the boy to go it alone but the girl got immediate help, strengthening the boy and weakening the girl and by more serious measures later if these don’t work) and then would go to some transhuman or whatever next level etc. mixing of the two.

    amazonianism for lack of a better word, or perhaps tomboyism as a philosophy and ideal, push the same values for both sexes. don’t discourage the girl who plays like a boy. etc. the biggest failures of the feminist movement, was when second wave feminism accepted the perverts and baby killers into their ranks and the biggest absurdity was accepting trannies, whose idea is pure patriarchal sexism with a touch of romantic occultic sense, that they have a male or female soul and that their male soul is in a female body or vice versa and something physical needs to be done about this (instead of something mental as in recognizing this as a delusion and correct it). ideologically, it was a total sellout of first wave feminism which mostly was for a monogamous single standard demanding chastity and responsibility of men as well as women, opposed abortion and emphasized actual and potential similarities between the sexes, though had the weakness of thinking “woman” had an
    inherent higher virtue and love. This notion is on steroids in the present social justice warrior garbage and peace movement feminism. Fact is, every woman who has been a ruler has also done wars and not just defensive.

    The feminists of the kurds in Syria are better than the American ones, but by being into a Marxist derived line of thought have the potential, if they spent a few generations in peace, of going the same failure route.

    Meanwhile, the first reference in the Bible to roles or male “headship” is part of the curse on Eve, and would operate by her default, and Proverbs 31 starts out with bragging that her husband can rely on her income and is not temptable by corrupt money therefore. girds her loins and envirgorates her arms. independent aggressive
    businesswoman. Paul’s remarks are in a context and pulls the fangs of the abusive male supremacism of Roman law and custom. usurp authority a Greek word not used elsewhere with violent and obscene connotations, authentein some BDSM psychology game was in play

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