Prometheus (2012) – Esoteric Analysis

Jay's Analysis

A big head. A kind of Totenkopf, or “death’s head.”

Panspermiatic Cinematic

By: Jay Dyer

Prometheus was the 2012 presumed blockbuster prequel to Ridley Scott’s famous Alien series. While reviews were slightly on the positive side, many found the film to be a rehash of everything seen in the original Alien film, now with overdone CGI.  Prometheus was a successful money-maker globally, while falling stagnant in domestic sales, yet it simultaneously left many film goers clueless as to the meaning of the flick they spent $12 watching.  Enter JaysAnalysis: Underneath all these exoteric facts of aliens and cliche horror gags, a darker esoteric plot can be seen, similar to the message of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  We will discover that Prometheus offers us yet another example of the new mythology the Hollywood industrial espionage complex intends to propagate to replace the Western religious tradition(s).

So what is Prometheus about? Daddy Issues…

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1 Comment on Prometheus (2012) – Esoteric Analysis

  1. Prometheus much resembles Dr. Stephen Hawking ..😐
    How appropriate since the CERN reports, updates, etc. of the successful Large Haldron Collider…

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