The Real Reason for the Decline and Fall of the West – Jay Dyer

Modern analyses overlook the deeper philosophical and theological issues that led to the trek the West took.

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3 Comments on The Real Reason for the Decline and Fall of the West – Jay Dyer

  1. Dr. Lisa Marie Portugal // April 25, 2017 at 8:08 pm // Reply

    Great talk. Jews take God and all spiritual discussions out and replace with politics because they want to be worshipped as the savoir of man. They want to replace God with themselves. They want to be the answer to problems they create and enslave the world. Order out of chaos they started on every level, in every nation for last 6k years. People, especially Americans and UK, and Western nations don’t recognize the devil in their midst. They don’t understand the Jews (Canaanites, Edomites, the pagan Jews Jesus called out in the temple) are the devil’s tool in the flesh. Everything they promote leads man down the path of nihilism. And, Americans and Western nations have bought into EVERYTING Jews setup, promote, foster, and advocate. That is the issue. White Western nations do not understand the only problem in this world because they have been brainwashed effectively by every organization Jews have created and infiltrated under the guise of helping humanity. People are very gullible and easily brainwashed because they don’t follow real historical facts and believe TV, media, education system, and government are good. Their minds don’t think in the same ways as evil incarnate operates in this world. Jews supply the vice and people choose vice. People don’t recognize the devil and they don’t want to believe how this world really works. When people have been brainwashed to believe Satan, the spiritual world, and God doesn’t exist, they have no understanding of how this world operates based on the choices they make. It really is that simple. Bible quote: My people die for lack of knowledge.


  2. Have you read any of Evola’s works, Jay? He’s similar to Spengler in a way; and he was essentially my gateway to proper spirituality and metaphysics. His theory of involution is something you’d likely be interested in.


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