Inception: My Labyrinthine Analysis – Jay Dyer

Jay's Analysis

Water is often associated with the Aether or the dream realm

By: Jay Dyer
Inception is one of the best films Hollywood has put out in years, and stands out as a diamond in a large stack of garbage.  If the liberals in Hollywood were really worried about the environment, they wouldn’t cloud the artistic environment with so much pollution. But Inception is something else. A film that mystified many, it also became the subject of intense online debates and speculation as to its ultimate meaning. I believe I have cracked it, and I think I cracked its code upon first viewing.  I subsequently viewed it two more times, and collected even more clues confirming my basic thesis. Let’s analyze.

One cannot properly understand Inception without familiarity with the basic concepts of Carl Jung, some Freud, and a sprinkling of esoterica. The esoteric elements coalesce nicely, due to Jung’s emphasis on mythology and archetypes.  I…

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1 Comment on Inception: My Labyrinthine Analysis – Jay Dyer

  1. Dr. Lisa Marie Portugal // April 18, 2017 at 3:33 am // Reply

    EXCELLENT analysis! Always on point and you write amazingly well with deep insight tied to theory, philosophy, religion, art, everything. Jews are insanely psychotic. Everything they do, think, and create is right out of hell. Psychotic race.


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