Why I’m Finally Converted to Pro-Trump

By: Jay Dyer

A year ago I had one friend telling me Donald Trump was going to be president (and I think Ann Coulter said this, too), and I laughed. Nothing could be more ridiculous – and on top of that, the idea that Trump might actually believe and act on his nationalism, as if he genuinely opposed globalism, I would have laughed even harder. I was wrong: succumbing to a lot of cynicism and the prevalence of the right being co-opted and bought off – most notably the worthless libertarianism of the Pauls, it seemed as if opposition at some level of power was impossible.

Then, Trump started trolling the media hardcore, with the lamestream media daily convulsing over his “racism,” “Hitlerianism,” and any other nonsensical pejorative, at the same time as they all, with one accord, proclaimed each week his “meltdown” and “downfall.” A week later, a month later, Trump was still going strong and still the MSM was definitively declaring “the end.” Then, Trump won, and the pale, sad faces of the talking heads and pundits became our most prized screenshots and sources of entertainment – even for me, who still wasn’t Pro-Trump because I thought it was some kind of business scam or genius comedic performance art.  Then, I started to wonder if he was turning post-modernism against itself.

Then, it was a question of what he would do when actually in office, as the media went into full retard berserk mode of hyperventilating, hanging on each tweet and hand gesture, furiously attempting to decipher anything that might implicate Trump as magically linked to Hitler – look! Hitler had a comb-over – so does Trump! Trump is signaling that he supports Hitler! It really was (and is) that bad, by the way. When Trump continued to signal that he was bringing jobs back from China, continued criticizing climate change, called CNN and NBC “fake news” on multiple occasions, the establishment media freakout went nuclear. Then came the inauguration speech, the feminazi march, and then the executive orders…and the left became preppers – total Twilight Zone.

In order to understand this strange phenomenon, as I have been trying to do, I think I have finally put the pieces together with grasping post-modernism, classical liberalism, the Enlightenment and the modern left. Once Donald Trump is understood from the perspective of post-modernism, it begins to make sense. It also makes sense how and why Trump is genuinely anti-globalist and how, even though Trump is not perfect, I think we can have hope that things are genuinely going to change. Or, at least for those of us on the right with sympathies with Tradition, biblical philosophy and Russia, we can hope for new possibilities. Even America, a “nation” purportedly founded on non-interventionism, might conceivably be altered in its course to at least not be a force for the projection of toxic culture and foreign policy across the globe.



Post-modernism was a reaction to the progressive, at times utopian, ideas of the Enlightenment. Advances in the sciences, technological and industrial revolutions, as well as religious revolutions (the Protestant Reformation) all contributed to the shift in western thought and life towards rationalism, mechanistic obsession and atheism. The quantification of all life and reality was intimately connected with the market-dominated philosophy of laissez faire, classical liberalism and the Masonic philosophy of Adam Smith, operating under the behest of the British Empire and its East India Company.

This is the beginning of modern globalist philosophy and its horrid offspring like NAFTA and the TPP. Seemingly at odds with illuminism or revolutionary socialism, the divide is quite thin in practice – especially given the prevalence of the philosophy of the Lodge in the background of both Adam Smith and Adam Weishaupt. Given this faulty starting point in anthropology I have highlighted many, many times, the entire dialectical projects built upon these contradictory premises (the autonomy of man, naive empiricism, “natural” rights theory, social contract, free markets, etc.), were doomed to eventually collapse and fall – and they did. While we are situated at the end of this long process of usurious materialistic, market commodification of all of reality, the signs of anti-globalist movements in our day signal precisely the death of this Enlightenment mythos.  Karl Marx, you may not know, was an advocate of free trade as a means to destroy peoples and bring about the ‘revolution.’

‘You are fake news.’

For the liberals of our day, which includes all the dominant ideologies – the neo-conservative, neo-liberal and collectivist left, etc., Trump is inexplicable. Trapped in these prison-like boxes of ideological dead ends, they are unable to even understand their own positions and their implications. Given these positions are all based around Enlightenment quantification, cybernetics and the entirely correct Heideggerian critique of the western philosophical divide of lived being, thought and form, the necessarily resulting nihilism is the doomed chasm to which all of these modern philosophies lead. In other words, it is becoming evident that all of modernity’s philosophical projects, ideologies, political movements, etc., are doomed at the outset, and lead to collapse from within because the systems are all erected on contradictory premises – namely that of pure relativism, which leads to pure and total nihilism.

Masonic fellow-travelers.

Masonic fellow-travelers. Adam Smith and Karl Marx – both champions of “free trade.”

Nihilism is not palatable to most human beings, who find quite a bit of meaning in their families, daily work, art, religion, etc. We can see here the end result of the technocratic plan, intimately bound up with its presupposition of materialistic quantification not only gives man no hope, but eventually due to its own inner, dark logic, works to actively end man as man, through post-humanism. Why? Because it’s a logical result of the starting point of a few centuries ago for all western thought – that human autonomy, freedom and individuality are somehow the starting points – the very fundamental building blocks – of human anthropology, from which an entire structure is supposed to be built, with Locke, Hume, Smith, Reid, Jefferson, and the rest of this Masonic crew, enforcing their absurdities and nonsense on the rest of the globe, unfortunately. From these poisoned wells, Darwin, Marx and Freud are vomited forth as successors to their philosophical forefather scoundrels, all unified in their move to “free man” from his neuroses of family, heritage, tradition and God.

America is the special project of these clowns, and is the world’s first melting pot nation erected on a purely propositional foundation (as Lincoln said). Prior to that, “nations,” “tribes,” or ethnoi were organized around familial and extended familiar structures. America was a new, covert attempt at Atlantis, but an Atlantis erected on Enlightenment ideology, and in that regard, the logos of America is problematic precisely because it is contradictory. The “god” of most of the “founders” was the god of masonry – a deistic, irrelevant “force” whose non-existence was itself a covert attack on Orthodox Christianity. In other words, the “god” of the apostate mother country of England – the “god” of Henry VIII and his later Queen-headed state church, which nowadays advocates every imaginable perversion and blasphemy.

Thus, given the ethos from which America arose, there might have been some possibility of a separate “Christian” culture developing in the South, but that was all ended following the Civil War. Indeed, Karl Marx wrote to Lincoln praising him for his success in spreading the plans of the industrial factory owners to the South, which Marx believed would sooner bring about the next stage of world communism. Far from being a “freedom fighter,” Karl Marx was a self-conscious Satanist who wrote in favor of free trade and globalism. Now, we fast forward to Trump.

One of the most secure locales in the world, the Vatican - with its WALL.

One of the most secure locales in the world, the liberation theology dominated Vatican – with its hypocritical WALL.

According to Quigley, 20th century America was almost wholly dominated by Atlanticist-globalist faction of the oligarchic elite, and was only legitimately opposed by a single movement, the America Firsters, who never fully succeeded in halting the machinations of the Cliveden Set and British Intelligence to maneuver the U.S. into World War II. Thus, Quigley admits, the U.S. was unanimously under the grip of this banking power, and of particular use as an engine for its foreign policy. Here is where Trump is a legitimate problem for globalism. In my view, the danger of globalism centers around a handful of threats:

  • Fiat, usury, debt and gold-based monetary structures
  • Subversion of Churches and traditional religious institutions (or co-opting)
  • Subversion of families, patriarchy and human sexuality through toxic culture
  • The erasing of existing ethnic distinctions and cultural distinctions
  • Creating a single, global, “free trade” marketplace
  • Global military bases and militarization
  • Managed dialectics of communism and capitalism (both are key for internationalism)
  • Eventual control of all energy and natural resources
  • Population control through dubious  “environmental” auspices

All such plots and plans were outlined in numerous Masonic and revolutionary guides (as well as in bankster and technocrat white papers), and far from functioning as a real “revolution,” such movements were always fostered and funded by either rival governments or by the international monetary power for the creation of a global government through a global marketplace. Thus, operations such as NAFTA, TTP, etc. are crucial nodes in the globalist framework for extending the Atlanticist model for global government. Make no mistake about it – on each of these points, Trump is consistently anti-globalist.

screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-4-18-53-pmThe problem is that most people introduced to anti-establishment narratives such as the “truther” movement or depopulation are generally exposed to such views through an indy media outlet that already shares many or most of the classical liberal presuppositions (such as radical egalitarianism, feminism, libertarian atomism, anarcho nonsense, moral liberalism such as pro-gay and pro-abortion positions, open borders, etc.) Liberalism of some form is the very air we breathe, from birth, so it’s understandable that one’s “awakening” should come in stages, and thank God, these stages are progressing as people begin to see vapid “truthering” and “fact-based news reporting” is only as good as the worldview being promoted. For example, if one is anti-war, on what basis is anti-war coherent, while simultaneously arguing for abortion? If one supports open borders, how does one coherently allow Japan or Israel to have strict border control?

When we survey Trump, we see someone far more appealing than the liberal pseudo-antidote of Ron Paul, whose open borders stance is nothing short of suicide. Indeed, it is the height of absurdity that the United States alone must be made to feel guilty for wanting a border wall – that often borders cartel controlled areas! The pope, who sits in a giant palace with unscalable walls, has the audacity to lecture us on a wall – yet never China or other nations on their borders! Borders are like wall of a house, they protect and preserve and only the alt right in modern discourse has proposed the shocking idea that cultures should be able to retain their traditions! Readers will recall that I have been critical of, and debated the alt right, on this very point – the covert support of the war on terror.

And, thank God, Trump himself has called attention to this publicly. This is good news and real progress in my book, and if the alt right wants to believe all the terror is real, ultimately that can be debated – so long as we recognize the western deep state loves and is behind the “terror” or better yet, mercenaries in places like Libya and Syria. Even if every major terror attack is false, the intentional displacement of large portions of Muslims, a result of the western support for terror and war, is still real. Ultimately this will mean the toxification of the displaced persons with degenerate western pop culture, but this could potentially be halted if the new right movements such as Le Pen and others in Germany aren’t co-opted. I am speaking here about possibilities, and particularly covert NATO influence should be guarded against.

Watch the censored video here of the migrant wave in France, as an example.  

This is also not a declaration of support for all the policies of Geert Wilders or any politicians playing into the clash of civilizations narrative – however, the differences are real, and for that reason, the obliteration of any traces of Christianity in western civilization is the explicit goal – be sure of that. In fact, it is the neoconservatives who truly hate Trump!  Then, long term, the Islamic nations will be degenerated by all the same scientistic policies of western technocracy. In short, the clash is being orchestrated, but as an adherent of Orthodox Civilization, we cannot be forced to admit our religion is false or a failure. Here it is my hope that Trump’s positive actions concerning the border and immigration can stave off the decline. I am not a champion of Americanism, but America is the most powerful force on the planet, and, like it or not, it’s here. It exists – and if it its machinery can be harnessed and turned towards good, that would be amazing. Two years ago, I would have said that was impossible. Now, I at least think it is possible.

Thank God.

Thank God.

Broadly speaking, Trump is pro-life, pro-gun, anti-vaccine, anti-Common Core, anti-Obamacare, anti-eugenics, anti-TPP, anti-open borders, anti-U.N., anti-climate change, anti-lobbying, roughly alt right, pro-Russia, anti-NATO (at least in the past), genuinely wants energy independence, firing Nuland and a host of vipers, etc., on and on, taking actions consistent with his campaign promises.  The first week of Obama’s candidacy he made his past secret – Trump has undone much of that in one week, as the MSM now admits.   To argue this is all a “long con” I think is just ridiculous and fails to take into account how damaging these actions are to the perception of globalism.

The entirety of modernity is built upon the false notion that the source of mankind’s ills are located in differences – differences in race, culture, creed, gender, etc.  If these can be obliterated through a phony revolutionary myth which places all blame on class warfare, hierarchy, gender warfare, etc., then the false gospel of humanism believes it can erect some distant utopia.  This is all a lie, of course, and Trump represents perhaps the last barrier to that mythology – a mythology ironically funded and supported by corporate and financial internationalists.


Even Trump’s rhetoric cost the defense companies heavily!  The howling shrieks and cries from the mainstream media on a minute by minute basis also testify to this. Trump may not be perfect (I disagree with the torture position), but I am convinced he is not an evil man and is genuinely anti-globalist. And no, I have not been invited on Alex Jones or anything of that nature – months ago I was cautiously optimistic and said we would know soon enough whether Trump was legitimate or not.  In fact, I already lost a handful of subscribers for mentioning this on Facebook – good riddance, as they seethed at me with the kind of venom only anarchists and feminists can spew.

I was ‘cautiously optimistic’ months ago – I haven’t changed my position:

Likewise, the screeching howls of the monetarists and internationalists at Davos and their liberal world order was just as real – the CFR is genuinely not happy – all of their organs are in overdrive to ruin Trump with fake news and planted stories, none of which is having effect, as Trump consistently calls out CNN and NBC, etc., as “fake news.”  The most ridiculous of all being Tarpley, who has completely discredited himself as he incessantly touts a Trump dark age alleging he “reads Hitler every night” – you can’t make this up (also comical was Tarpley’s failed attempt to dismantle Spengler).  Hilariously, Tarpley even championed the degenerate  feminazi “women’s march” as the continuation of the “New Deal” (you cannot make this up).  Rather, the deep state is genuinely opposed to Trump – just look at ‘pee gate,’ the most ridiculous fake news story to date, rivaled only by the Russian hack narrative.  As a test, just go and read the CFR, RAND and Brookings Institute publications anti-Trump pieces – they are nonstop.

The world and the mainstream media are confused and generally unable to read Trump – they can’t seem to figure out what is happening. That is because the Enlightenment mythos is breaking and the egalitarian left are realizing what we on the traditional camp have said all along – humans look to leaders and hierarchy, they don’t operate as rational, atomic units. Trump represents post-modernism in a good way, in the way of a possible return to Tradition, and that is what is causing the confused mob of brainwashed liberals to panic. It is a daily demonstration to them that their anthropology and worldview are false. Men will rediscover Tradition, the Bible, Orthodox Christianity and patriarchy and they will find that is what makes them strong – and that all forms of liberalism – especially classical liberalism – leads to techno-nihilism and death.

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69 Comments on Why I’m Finally Converted to Pro-Trump

  1. Kalos! Like the quote;
    The obliteration of any traces of Christianity in western civilization is the explicit goal – be sure of that. In fact, it is the neoconservatives who truly hate Trump!

  2. platosgroove // January 29, 2017 at 11:00 pm // Reply

    Glad to have your thoughts on this. I have some cautious optimism about him. My fear from both “sides” is they tend to look for saviors and can easily be diverted then led around and past the profound. I appreciate your work.

  3. Charlie Primero // January 29, 2017 at 11:16 pm // Reply

    Wow. Just wow.

    Welcome aboard Jay!

    You are an honorable man.

  4. “Nihilism is not palatable to most human beings, who find quite a bit of meaning in their families, daily work, art, religion, etc. ”

    Perhaps this explains the Masonic assault on the family (sexual revolution, feminism, gay rights), the middle class (usury, inflation, “free trade”), aesthetics (modern art, Schoenberg’s and Adorno’s atonal music, fat acceptance) and orthodox Christianity (ecumenicism, World Council of Churches). Deprive the individual of their family, community, standards of beauty and his religious faith, you strip him of any corporate defenses and he stands naked before the State.

    Yes, the insanity we are witnessing today is the culmination of centuries of a corrupt philosophy – the reductio ad absurdum of the Enlightenment project.

    Great piece! Bravo!

  5. NatureNeverLies // January 30, 2017 at 1:43 am // Reply

    Outstanding post my good man. Has to be your best yet. Though, I must say even Christianity has exoteric as well as esoteric component.

  6. Washington Post story headline “Refugees fleeing Nazis begged US for entry were turned back”. So here we have more of the Trump=Hitler meme. Actually the SS St. Louis incident occurred during sainted FDR’s 12 year reign but never mind. What is Israel’s immigration policy?

    The progressive Left and controlled Right are acting outraged over Trump’s EO “banning Muslim refugees.” You see, if you protest your town being overrun by foreigners you’re a racist. By the way, there is nary a word in the mainstream media regarding NATO’s proxy wars of destabilization and regime change which have created the refugee crisis. Perhaps if NATO (Anglo-American-Zio Empire) stopped fomenting civil wars the refugees would have no reason to flee their native countries.

  7. i skipped this of yours after reading your first couple of paragraphs. any trump rapprochement w/russia is contingent upon actions in syria. very dubious hope.

    more concretely, less in the hypothetical, trump’s rhetoric & actions re china are preludes to war. so there’s always that and so double fuck pump trump w/a shotgun.

    G Sax runs Treasury, the CIA embraced Trump w/open arms, the Dem leadership is on board w/Trump. all the big CEO’s had an orgy w/trump in the WH. The peaceful transition from obama to hitler jr. occurred w/o a burp cuz Trump is fully on board w/the NWO & is gonna raise a lot of smoke, sound, and fury over the next few whatever, to deceive, if he could, even the very elect.

    double the military budget! that’ll the show the NYT!

    there’s no possible way to justify his anti-immigrant wall-building horseshit. nothing but deeply immoral, unchristian, inhumane paranoia against victims of US & NATO aggression.

    rachel maddow types’ hysteria over trump will get old pretty quick as will the character of antic trump. people will get tired of it.

    lame, jay, lame.

    • Total garbage. Christian theology and history is walls and barriers. Byzantium.


      So you’re simply ignorant of what Christian history and theology teaches.

      There’s not going to be any war. Total nonsense – good riddance

    • that is funny! “justice is the plumb line of the wall,” jay. Justice. Justice is the measure. I’ll take the prophet Amos over Byzantine whatever. besides there’s no need to build a wall to stop refugees. just stop bombing their countries. there’s a *real* “conservative” answer for you. stop social engineering countries w/hellfire tomahawk MOAB JDAM’s. how hard is that? (very.)

      nobody not on satan’s team proposes the increases to the nukular weapons budget that trump proposes (i know, continuing obama’s policy. that’s a theme that will get really tired fast: the essential continuity between regimes.) etc., etc.

      i know you are not offering trump as some kind of false hope. for a multitude of reasons. but him keeping his promises? really? doesn’t the value of that depend on the nature of his promises?

    • I skipped reading the rest of yours after the “f” bomb.

      That choice indicates an inability to make a point without using unnecessary language.


    • I agree. This is a very questionable piece by Jay and he makes a classic mistake, almost naively, by trusting Trumps statements and campaign promises. Look at the people that he has surrounded himself with and tell me with a straight face that he is anti-globalist. Besides, as Trump himself has stated, he is the biggest supporter of Zionist Israel and Zionism needs Globalism.

  8. Also – you’ve apparently not been watching the news this week as he delivered on half of his pledges. You would have seen that if you had read on – but alas, you can’t argue with those infected with anarcho liberalism

  9. Many liberals and necons still claim that Trump is only out to enrich himself.

  10. Way too soon to judge.

  11. Not at all…I admire your erudition but given the depths of deception we know of, we don’t know the Role of the Don….I’m going to be patient and see where this goes. Cheers.

      • I don’t know Jay…outside of the framed dialectics of your article…outside of Plato’s Cave, what are we truly left with here with the naked Trump? A cult of media created cult of personality figurehead, a puppet of the NWO banking interests, the worship of Israel and heretical Zionist Christianity, money theology of Mammon?

        Sure, the Realpolitik of our current crises require horrible compromises, but is not the “BELIEVE” in and “Pro-Trump” mentality precisely the cult aspect we must dispel, and stick to principles for “way of a possible return to Tradition”?

        One specific question, what are the *true* interests (forces) you believe are driving, say Kushner and Mnuchin?

        And yes, I acknowledge the witches brew of politics, philosophy and theology is messy business…but the compromises seem in all the wrong places here, that is, in any context longer than the present moment.


  12. that is my fervent hope…but in the fullness of time, or at least part of time.

  13. Stewart Howe // January 30, 2017 at 4:49 am // Reply

    Jay, I appreciate your astoundingly well informed insights and optimistic stance behind The Donald. I hope I am wrong, and you are proven right on this one. Genuinely.

    When/If Trumpy turns his ire against the Federal Reserve Bank System in a meaningful way; as in returning the printing of currency to the Treasury Department and initiating criminal conspiracy charges against the cartel for its long train of Criminality…

    When/if Trumpy plays hardball with Israel and shuts down their supremacist genocide and nuclear rogue status along with our own (U.S. Globalist Occupying Regimns of late) parralel foreign terror campaigns from Gladio 2.0 to Syria…

    When/if the Orange Buffoon promotes active prossicution of high ranking corporate and government crime and Treason scum-bags and baguettes involved in the false flag attacks of 9/11/2001 and since, THEN I’ll stop thinking of him as controlled opposition of one sort or another.

    “The Truth; The Whole Truth; And Nothing But The Truth” is absolutely required during this critical time, of theatre of contrived mayhem. I’m not lulled into a supportive posture on this guy quite yet, despite my appreciation of MANY of his doings of late.

    I think it’s just such a dire situation that the “Steering Committee” is facing, that they are allowing the Orange Menace to bust shit up a little, in order to save them from a true populist uprising that will have torches and pitch forks heading to their castles, and then sealing them into their fall-back position D.U.M.B.S as tombs.

    Time will tell…

  14. Good read, Jay – well done. So far, I’ve not been a huge cheerleader for the current POTUS, but I am cautiously, yet somewhat excitedly optimistic that he can being about real change. This post includes many of my thoughts, as well as some historical background that I had not even thought about in relation to Trump.

    The problem with the masses is that they are so desperately looking for someone or something to believe in, that they think they have to agree with 100% of a leader’s positions or they can’t support that leader. I believe that this is brought about by a societal need for hero worship – mainly ingrained by the media and “entertainment” industry. Some worship the Hollywood set, some follow politics and worship a particular candidate or elected official, some worship their jobs/bosses, etc. The concept of “individual” has been lost to the ages, for a multitude of reasons.

    Your quote, “That is because the Enlightenment mythos is breaking and the egalitarian left are realizing what we on the traditional camp have said all along – humans look to leaders and hierarchy, they don’t operate as rational, atomic units” hits that nail directly on the head.

    • I’ve been instructed and lectured on a hundred different and conflicting plots and plans and elaborate, nefarious schemes, all from people who were dead wrong over the last year – and none of them will consider Occam’s razor? Lol The simplest explanation – Trump simply disagrees with globalism. Just look at the CFR articles – are they all acting and pretending? Silly

      • Exactly, Jay. And major props to you for having the guts to change your mind in a way that could alienate some of your readership, as a large percentage of the conspiracy crowd seems determined to remain hopelessly cynical. “Until a president fulfills items A, B and C off MY personal checklist of issues necessary to bring forth the utopia, they’re a shill!” LOL!

      • We get so lost in research and cynical we lose touch with the general population’s trends.

  15. Thank you for this post Mr. Dyer. Refreshing to glimpse the voice of reason cutting through the entrained muck of emotional, echoing hysteria. We haven’t seen a President openly stand against the Black Hat Oligarchs since 12:30 P.M., November 23, 1963. I don’t know if Trump is real, but I have hope he is and from what we see so far, he at least deserves respect and a chance. If he continues on his present path, he will deserve our full support and sincere thanks for his courage as his positions thus far put himself, his family, friends and supporters firmly on the Black Hat chopping block. There nay yet be hope for a better future. Thanks again for your thoughts.

    • “We haven’t seen a President openly stand against the Black Hat Oligarchs since 12:30 P.M., November 23, 1963.”

      You mean JFK? That guy was a total fake. Only put there to give the populace a false glimmer of hope. And to have it crushed in a Hollywood charade.

  16. Michael Sean // January 30, 2017 at 5:59 pm // Reply

    I’m not from the US so I can only comment as an observer, and on how it is all being received here.

    Here in the UK he has been demonised more than any politician I can remember, apart from maybe Putin. There is currently an online petition signed supposedly by 1 million people asking the government to prevent him visiting Britain on a state visit. At first people wanted him banning full stop but as they don’t think clearly, and act solely on emotions, they did not realise he was half British and entitled to duel nationality thanks to his mother, and owns land over here in Scotland. So now it is whittled down to state visits. The press here is 100% anti Trump and the attacks are constant and daily. The womens march in London was given huge, gleeful press.

    Obama is now Saint Obama, and people are looking to Michelle to save them. From what, I have no idea. Not a single word on his drone assassinations, constant wars, the destruction of secular muslim states, Citigroup picking his 2008 cabinet, his disasterous Obama care (people here do not understand Obamacare at all), broken promise after broken promise such as not closing down the Guantanamo detention camp, and so on.

    Some of the outright lies and gobbledygook written by the press and on social media are astounding in their desperation. In short there is now a “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” vibe about the whole thing. Leftists are posting quotes by everyone from John McCain to John Kerry, as long as they are slandering Trump.

    I’m not wholeheartedly sure of my own feelings about Trump, time will tell. I dislike globalism, and the progressive liberals march towards disappearing up their own arseholes. But I am sure of one thing; the UK really has gone full retard.

  17. This article is the final straw. I am going to purchase a year subscription. I have to hear the thoughts. I have to hear the complete Tragedy and Hope series. You’re an American hero, bro!

    Also, the Pistols were handeled by Malcom McLaren and Vivien Westwood. Both Situationist insurrectionists. The Clash were handled by a guy named Bernie. I don’t know much about him other than he was a fake Socialist aggitator. Dude from Cro-Mags gives punk tours of New York. Should have him on your show. Courtney Love (again!) appears with Joe Strummer in a movie called Straight to Hell (I think. Memory info. Did not google.) She was also in the movie Sid and Nancy playing a groupie. All years before Kurt Cobain and Hole. Also, I creepily think Burroughs may have killed Cobain. He was a nihilistic assassin known to love shotguns. Met with Cobain shortly before his “suicide”. Hank Harrison (LSD Grateful Dead Family shadow occultist) is obviously an agent for somebody and Courtney stood to lose hundreds of millions if divorced. She was eventually forced to sell her shares for pennies on the dollar or face implication by the shadow organization. Also, don’t forget Cleveland punk. Pere Ubu and Dead Boys.

  18. Shoot. Posted in wrong article. Was listening to the punk pod while reading this article. My bad. Lol.

  19. Great thoughts so far, everybody.

    Count me as a strong Trump supporter. I came around to believing he was for real about a month before the election, and with some nagging hesitation, voted for him (after voting 3rd party from 2000-2012).

    Look, I’m as cynical as any typical so-called “conspiracy theorist”, but rather than voting as the lesser of two evils (which normally I would not abide), there genuinely were tangible, positive, pre-election indicators he could be for real:

    1. Consistent ACTIONS (not rhetoric) over several decades of actually being anti NAFTA, anti war (Iraq) and pro-American prosperity.

    2. Rejecting donations from all the usual multi-national and special interest groups, and self-financing a large portion of his own campaign (I mean, seriously, who DOES that? I don’t care how rich someone is, 99% of humanity is going to take the easy special interest money).

    3. Bringing on Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, as an adviser. Flynn, as you will recall, predicted the rise of ISIS due to bone-headed state department (and, by extension, CFR) policies.

    4. Appearing on the Alex Jones show (yes, could have been some sort of elaborate ruse, but who else had done that before? At the minimum, it stoked curiosity.)

    5. Consistently attacking the lying MSM on their hypocrisy throughout the campaign in ways in which no one had done before.

    6. Fighting back hard against Hillary in the 2nd and 3rd debates, unlike previous RINO’s and cuckservatives who always rolled over.

    7. Promising to promote strong pro-1st and 2nd amendment Supreme Court justices, when there could be as many as 4 or 5 replacements over the next 8 years (absolutely HUGE for the future of this country).

    What finally sealed the deal for me, though, was actually WATCHING some of his campaign speeches in the rust belt states down the stretch. While most in the alternative media were debating their pet theories of how Trump was secretly a Clinton operative or NWO stooge, I was busy watching him actually call out all of their institutions by name in front of huge crowds of 40,000+. He was very transparent about how he had lived the good life previously, but now wanted to turn against the pro world government crowd he had formerly associated with in order to save America:

    “Many of my friends and many political experts warned me that this campaign would be a journey to hell. Said that. But they’re wrong. It will be a journey to heaven, because we will help so many people that are so desperately in need of help..

    In my former life I was in insider, as much as anybody else. And I knew what it’s like, and I still know what it’s like to be an insider. It’s not bad, it’s not bad. Now I’m being punished for leaving the special club and revealing to you the terrible things that are going on having to do with our country. Because I used to be part of the club, I’m the only one that can fix it.

    They knew they would throw every lie they could at me and my family and my loved ones. They knew they would stop at nothing to try to stop me. But I never knew, as bad as it would be, I never knew it would be this vile, that it would be this bad, that it would be this vicious.

    Nevertheless, I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you. I take them for our movement so that we can have our country back.”

    Could this have turned out to be nothing more than cheap rhetoric? Sure, but as cynical as I was, it was damn well inspiring. I mean, how does calling out the NWO in front of massive crowds, legitimizing and mainstreaming previously hush-hush “conspiracy” talk through the sheer force of charismatic, alpha male leadership, help the NWO in any way, shape, or form? It simply does not.

    And now that we’ve seen the transition from President-elect Trump to President Trump, and his first week of action, excuse me if I am not completely stoked. Do we really need to be so completely cynical and hopeless?

    Heck, if the only thing Trump brought was a tone-from-the-top attitude of destroying PC culture, and a few conservative Supreme Court judges, I would have been satisfied compared to Hillary, who no doubt would have finished off America with open borders and radical judges, if not a world war. But he has already done so much more it is almost stupefying.

    Understand that in saying all the above, I realize there are still many “conspiracy issues” that need to be addressed. The Fed. Chemtrails. Pizzagate. I could go on and on. Will Trump address these? Nobody knows for sure. But given what we’ve seen so far, I actually would not put it past him at this point. Is he perfect? Of course not. But he is utterly crushing globalism as we knew it and destroying all the tired narratives of PC culture.

    In summary, I believe Trump is for real. For whatever nefarious connections I’m sure he has somewhere, I think Alex Jones (gasp!) is correct when he says Trump is not out to get us. That he wants prosperity. That he wants to bring America back from the brink. And while he may be flawed, I think Trump at this stage of his life ultimately wants to be loved by the people and remembered as a great president.

    If, say, the Federal Reserve decides to pull the rug at some point during his administration, and the country descends into chaos, I don’t believe it will be because Trump was a secret operative all along, but rather that the country was already too far divided from 60+ years of cultural marxist inculcation, feminism, and hedonistic excess to be resolved peacefully.

    Time will tell.

  20. Bryce Rasmussen // January 31, 2017 at 1:43 am // Reply

    I believe the so-called globalists will capitalize on anything he does. On a practical level, it is not necessary to meddle all the time, but to simply take advantage of chaos. So, my opinion: there is a glaring error that he is made (I will not side on like dislike, or whether he will do anything), and that error reads very simply that he, like Georgie junior, is ‘the decider’…I respect his dedication, I respect that he certainly appears to be a dark horse, I respect his rhetoric. But I think he may overreach, and that cannot bring any good. Canadians are being affected by his ban -white Canadians, btw. Increasing nuclear budget? Oh sure, why not, planet’s already killable several times over, add some more. And already, Terror attacks are increasing. Regardless of whether one believes that the MUslim religion is violent and so on, the fact is, we’ve bombed the crap out of them, creating a land rife with pissed off extremists, and then America decides to ban Muslims -when his original promise was specifically, you leave the country briefly (unworkable, expensive, and a tax burden) come back in, and they check to see if you’re a criminal or not. The danger in what he’s doing, he’s going for an isolationist stance, with all the attendent problems that entails. He’s a salesman, not a statesman, and no art of the deal will save his ass. Oh, as for racist or not -he put a picture of Andrew Jackson up. That guy, Indian KiIller by name, racist by game. As a Canadian, I claim to have only an opinion based on his actions, and while it’s nice he does seem to act on his promises, that there is a slippery slope.

    There are things I admire – his use of twitter utterly destroying the need for any bloated media, and his rallies are great, he’s very good at describing the dishonesty in the media, and the other things. I admire that he may very well be completely convinced, and believing, in the rightness of his actions. Which, of course, is dangerous as well. This all smacks of America’s usual pendulum swing between two extremist positions, which has been ongoing for a number of years now. I refuse to speculate on how long he’ll last, and such things. I enjoy that there are many good points in your essay, many of which I completely agree with – not whether you are pro-Trump or not. At most, I can speculate on this – the choice, to me, seemed to be between three very bad candidates, two of which were weak, one of which might be too strong. We’ll find out in the next few years.

  21. The best case scenario is Trump truly is anti-globalist and not about to become a pawn in a magician’s sleight-of-hand series of maneuvers. If so, let’s hope his next major goal is to reverse Obama’s move effectively turning over the internet to ICANN on the road to UN oversight, with China poised to takeover management of the net worth trillions in data collection. Doesn’t make sense to hand over the internet to internationalists when US officials are supposedly worried about hacking and Trump wants to hold on to revenue. Also can’t forget the internet is the backbone of what’s left of free speech.

    On the other hand, if Trump is being duped, an American anti-globalist front could easily become a double-edged sword, combined with Brexit, in which western alliances are shattered and Anglo-American economic and military hegemony flows not to a multipolar world but rather to a UN global governance system flanked by a bevy of UN Treaties such as the steroidal 2030 Agenda.

    Surveillance and NDAA stripping of habeas corpus, will Trump address these issues in a meaningful way? Once the technocratic control grid is up and running, the Pathocrats will be able to shut us off by tapping a few keys, and it’s closer than most people know with the cashless society barreling down upon the world. Hegelian sorcery can gloss over the vaccine issue too via limited hangouts: making vaccines “safer” with RFK on a soapbox talking about mercury when vaccines have more inherent dangers; skirting the potential to inject us with all manner of experimental cocktails; and ignoring the new paradigm of CRISPR/Cas9 “vaccines” already in trials inserting DNA into human muscle cells. We could get blindsided if we don’t stay hypervigilant.

  22. Is Trump a latter day Constantine?

    • I think that’s a big stretch but we can always continue with prayers and optimism.

    • Tim seriously are you on that dust?

      I mean, by that, you seem to be bagging Trump, given that Constantine was a sociopathic narcissist and renowned false-flag artist as a military strategist who murdered his firstborn son and, as I seem to recall, perhaps other family members in palace intrigues, was mocked as an effeminate coxcomb in his declining years, etc. etc. Am I forgetting anything? Sounds like a bad look for the US…

  23. Trump is a living Rocky movie in the way he pumps up middle america. Regular folks needed something to ignite the revolution that’s been lurking. I’m sick of college nerds and dorks. They’ve finally reached the end or their thought experiments. Trump is clowning them hard. It’s hilarious to watch.

  24. Ron Sanderson // January 31, 2017 at 11:41 pm // Reply


  25. Since you’re a geo-political commentator you should know that nobody in Russia takes Trump seriously.

    He and his team are American nationalists which will still pursue American global supremacy through real-politik not muddled with liberal utopian visions of the world. His adviser on foreign policy is Henry Kissinger who has written extensively on the need to drive a wedge between Russia and China which is something Trump agrees on. Russia is run by a vaguely conservative/ nationalist regime and China is run by a nationalist regime dressed in red colours but that doesn’t mean that American nationalism is automatically friendly to other nationalism’s. Since there is no nationalist international out there and global geo-politics is always a zero sum game based on Darwinian principles of survival of the fittest big nationalist powers are probably not going to be friendly with one another since their first priority is not ideology but their own national interests.

    What you have now is a good cop bad cop theatre with Trump & Kissinger trying to make subtle overtures to Putin while hard-balling the Chinese at the same time congress and Zbignew Brezhinski remain hostile and aligned towards their economic partnership with China. However, since US thinktank-land still likes to publish their agenda for the world to read the Russian and Chinese media and their government elites aren’t gonna fall for this scheme. At the end of the day America has very little to offer Russia economically and diplomatically and vice versa. The Russian economy is tied up in Europe and increasingly Asia while America is their competitor in fossil fuels and weapons. The two countries are fated to be geo-political enemies as long as MAD exists. The American elites want to ship their corporations back to America to maintain living standards and social stability if successful this is positive for the US working class but it is a negative from both the Russian and Chinese perspective.

    It was more beneficial for Russia and China to have liberal globalists in charge of America precisely because liberal globalists are largely ideologically driven and incompetent which allowed Putin to run circles around Obama on most issues. Clinton would have been a much better candidate for Russia and China both as she would have continued the slow decay of American society and global power while being absolutely corrupt and open to being manipulated by both powers as the Uranium one deal should indicate.

    Trump and his team are dangerous because they could be competent enough to reform the decaying and corrupt military industrial system modernise their nuclear arsenal and start hard-balling their rivals while extracting rent from their vassals for protection without any liberal pretences.
    Since Trump is a nationalist and bent on preserving American global power and prestige he will not take too kindly to being humiliated on the world stage like Obama did in Syria or when the Chinese snubbed him a few months ago. If you don’t assume that his public personna is fake then he takes everything personally and is prone to childish outbursts at the slightest provocation. This is cute when it’s Rosie O’Donell or CNN but it’s dangerous in the event that he will be humiliated internationally and take to twitter to lash out to his band of alt-right troglodyte supporters about how his humiliation is America’s humiliation.

    • Well you’ve got it all figured out. Yeah – the alt right are troglodytes – not the goblin creatures everyone sees on the streets belching out their trans rights in their pussy hats.

      Yeah, so dangerous. Now there’s going to be world war 3, then stock crash. Last week it was putin and dugin who put trump in, now trump will go to war with Russia. Get out of here

  26. Jay,

    I love reading your stuff. Am a subscriber and still have to go through most of the material. But since your work builds on itself and you mention many things in passing, is it possible to cross-reference more of your work? E.g. if you’re talking about politics can you reference an article/podcast where you previously talk about the underlying philosophy? Or e.g., link your theology to philosophy? I’ll gather the info through the osmosis of reading/listening to everything but it would cause for more efficient learning for myself and would be great when when I need to go back to reference things. And maybe it would drive up your web traffic having more links embedded? Actually Richard Grove does a great job including tons of references for his podcasts over on tragedyandhope.com but it looks like it could be a lot of work 😉 (though he’s referencing a lot of external sources and not just his internal work).


  27. I knew Trump was on the level almost from the beginning of his presidential bid. He was the only one pointing out Free Trade and banking cartels while Clinton kept collapsing at public events.

    But if you think that Trump is not part of what Founding Fathers created, then you are mistaken. I believe you are also mistaken in putting Washington, Adams and the rest in the same box as the Soros gang. They are not the same. We are fighting royalists just the same as always. They have been working for Ancien Regime Feudalism since the people began to break away from them.

    • Royalisrs? Lol the Masonic revolutions of the last centuries were about destroying throne and altar. Nonsense the neo feudal model is not royals – it’s technocrats.

      • melponeme_k // February 2, 2017 at 1:21 am //

        The heart of the globalists is the royal family in England. The main tax havens are owned by the Crown.
        They hunger after royalty. Technocrats want titles.

        No one who was apart of the founding of this country advocated for the deaths of royalty. Washington didn’t send assassins to England. So no, I don’t believe Masons were behind this massive “plan”. Why? Because they believe the SAME thing as the royalty.

        Alchemy. All of it, everything, is alchemy. Except they believe that the purpose of that religious based idea gives them power and everlasting physical life. Which was never the aim of the system. This world is a bubble floating around and will wink out. It is chaotic and no amount of order will come to it by wishful thinking. No one is going to able to will away a rogue comet, the next ice age, prevent the sun from becoming a red dwarf, or the next galaxy to crash into our own or the eventual big crunch via the Great Attractor.

        If there are other realities out there, other levels that are better than this, then that is the aim of our existence. Not to stay here in a physical prison of suffering. But heck, the globalists and royals are literal gods here. Why would they want to give that up?

      • The royals in England are heretics.

    • Why do you think they destroyed the czar? Christianity

      • melponeme_k // February 2, 2017 at 1:23 am //

        Partly. But mostly because the concept of royalty means these people are “magical” and that gives them rights to herd us like cattle.

        Never doubt that royals believe they are pure magic. The iconography around them attests to it every day of the year.

  28. Reblogged this on Theogothic and commented:
    My friend Jay Dyer wrote this piece. Sort of mirrors my own thoughts. I don’t think Trump is a conservative and I don’t care. There is nothing inherently holy about conservatism. Trump is fighting globalism, plain and simple. Is he real or is he fake in his fight? Would you give up the billionaire playboy lifestyle to be mocked on a daily basis?

  29. Jay you’re misreading your vision. The Warhammer 40K / Niven & Pournelle Orthodox Star Empire of Man future *is* coming, but its harbinger is not Donald Trump. The Bene Gesserit have declared that *you yourself* must tryst with Abby Martin and thereby bring about the coming of the KWIZATZ HADERACH who shall seal the breach and be in many places at once.

      • My only real quibble with Dune is that its metaphysic explicitly presents the feminine as the ‘giving’ force and the masculine as the ‘taking’ force when biology, social dynamics and everything else – what does your woman say when you’re railing her good, ‘God, yes, *take it from me?*’ No – signifies that the opposite is the case and that the old Chinese yin/yang feminine/masculine is a far more cogent construct.

  30. Just curious, but what does a decent modern woman living in the west think when men promote patriarchy and denounce feminism? Patriarchy and feminism both come in many shapes and sizes, it’s not all bad. Women are so demoralised, I think it’s a shame to belittle an attempt by decent women to reclaim something from, dare I say it, “true” feminism.
    And does a person who isn’t Christian but who has decent morals and supports traditional models not have a leg to stand on here?
    We know a good thing by its results.

  31. OK. Perhaps it is not entirely a long con, but Trump is a deal maker. They’re going to get aggressive regime change advocacy for Iran and the continuation of Middle East policy from Trump, and maybe he (and the military intelligence crowd that supports him) will get some bonafide anti-globalist policies in return. May “they” believe that they can eventually bog Trump down enough to make him ultimately ineffectual, but maybe they can stand to see some non-globalist reforms as well.

  32. “It’s easier to fool someone than it is to get them to admit that they’ve been fooled” – Mark Twain (?)

    So, most of you are pretty smart. How is it that you can see him stocking his cabinet with global banking elites and look at Trumpie as somehow anti-globalist? How can you take note of the fact that he stands in virtual lock-step with Israel and the con-artistry of U.S./Israeili foreign policy in substantial measure and not acknowledge that Trumpie is carrying water for this NWO roll-out with a fresh marketing campaign, smoke screen, and new Orange spokesmodel?

    Let me knock down the straw man canard of Trumpie being a “long con”. I’m not suggesting that. What I’m postulating is that he’s a sell-out con man of a new and different breed than we as a public are used to seeing in politics. He is being counted on by the evil fucks in high level globalist NWO boardrooms, to stir up a smoke screen to shield their machinations, while being allowed to inflict “acceptable losses” to some of their concerns in order to protect the more important ones from view and assault.

    He’s being allowed to assail an outdated version of globalism (TPP etc.) to protect their revised version.

    So set your ego down and open your eyes. Lest we be duped yet again as a populace.

    I’ll be the first to admit I’m wrong on this, but all the things you all have been stating as evidence of Trumpies worth are, in my current view, merely incidents of his dealings to gain credibility to effectively run cover for his overlords larger crimes against humanity.

    Save the thinly veiled ad hominum attacks and insults this time around. I still don’t give a shit about them.


    • What insults are you talking about ?

    • As for the Goldman Sachs question Patrick addressed that – it’s like the CIA – they’ve employed so many people, running into someone who was “from Goldman Sachs” is not really that meaningful. Plus, as far as we’ve seen with policies, none of these people who were chosen because they understand the labyrinth of banking have been able to tell Trump what to do. His actions reflect everything he campaigned on.

      There are many think tank papers like this which analyze the phenomena of both putin and trump and Brexit from an intelligence standpoint. These are not staged and fake – their analysis is the view of people at the top. They write with and for the Brzezinskis of the world. There are numerous such white papers. For example in this ISS paper (a top think tank) they analyze all three (trump, putin and Brexit) as a real symbol of populism


  33. Got to admit though it is nice to see those left liberals get their panties in a wad…

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