Non Serviam – Anarchism as a Dialectical Subversion Tool

Jay's Analysis

Lucifer, post-banishment. Lucifer, post-banishment.

By: Jay Dyer

The appeal of anarchism is understandable, especially in our day of what seems to be spectacular corruption on the part of members of the establishment.  In the online-fueled furor of Ron Paul’s libertarian surge in 2008, those left hanging in the wake of Campaign for Liberty’s ability to change nothing were looking for more.  And, after the failure of the libertarian surge to obtain anything from Rand Paul, the Daily Paul types clicked and googled around to find names like Larken Rose or Adam Kokesh (and now Ken O’Keefe – and his veganism!), arguing the necessity of political logic dictated the “small state” position was not enough.

In fact, the problem was precisely the state itself – something to be obliterated to bring about the long sought freedom of the individual.  Seeing the absurdity of the left/right dialectic in American so-called politics, this line of…

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