Jay Dyer’s Esoteric Hollywood: Hidden Meaning of Hunger Games

In this episode, I deconstruct the hidden meaning behind the multi-billion dollar franchise, The Hunger Games.  From Agenda 21 and the United Nations, to gladiatorial human sacrifice, the dystopian pheonomenon of The Hunger Games and girlpower heroine Katniss signify more than is apparent on the surface.

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3 Comments on Jay Dyer’s Esoteric Hollywood: Hidden Meaning of Hunger Games

  1. What turn me on to the history of the Eastern Roman Empire was a science fiction novel Lest Darkness Fall by L. Sprague De Camp. Our overlords don’t want us reading especially fiction of any genre detective- mystery, history, science fiction.

  2. Great interview! A wonderful breakdown of Hunger Games!

  3. The reason Katniss chooses Peeta or Gale is kind of two fold. Katniss is sick of all the death that has been caused by both the Hunger Games and the revolution. She doesn’t blame the people in the Capitol, she blames the leaders, and doesn’t believe they should be killed any more than the people in the districts should. Gale, on the other hand, believes the ends justify the means and is willing to sacrifice the civilians in the Capitol if that means winning their freedom. Then when she finds out that Gale planned an attack similar to the one at the end that killed Primrose (even though he didn’t order it), she realized what kind of man he was. Peeta may not have been “the one,” but they had both been through so much together and did grow to love each other, so that is why they ended up together. Also, they wanted to tie up that plot line so there was no endless speculation after the movies had ended 🙂

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