Esoteric Hollywood: Jay Dyer – Tim Kelly – Propaganda Decoded

“Jay Dyer returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his recently released book Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film. We begin by talking about Jay’s concluding lecture in his Tragedy & Hope series and then move on to discuss Hollywood and its role in social engineering and shaping culture. The discussion involves Tinsel Town’s ties to the Occult, intelligence agencies, military and organized crime and the film industry’s role in perception management. Jay is a public speaker, lecturer, and writer on a variety of topics including film, philosophy, theology, history and geopolitics. His website is *Please consider a donation to support this podcast.”

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2 Comments on Esoteric Hollywood: Jay Dyer – Tim Kelly – Propaganda Decoded

  1. What are the chances that Eyes Wide Shut (and Arthur Schnitzler’s book) depicts a Frankist-Sabbatean ritual?

    • The Frankist-Sabbatean Jewish sects were described as practitioners of wife-swapping celebrations and as antinomians (as expressed in the essay ‘Redemption through Sin’ by Gershom Scholem).

      Kubrick’s ancestry was Jewish, from Poland, Austria, Romania. Schnitzler was Jewish, lived in Austria. Frankism existed in those countries at some point. It emerged in 1700s the area of Poland and Romania, was relatively entrenched in Moravia, but also reaching into Germany. (But in the 1600s Hamburg was also notable in the Sabbatean phenomenon, besides Amsterdam.) So probably Austria (and Vienna) can be included as well. (Prague had a relatively strong tradition as well, in the middle and upper class ranks.)

      The Frankist were also called Zoharists. (The main book of the Kabbalah.) Kubrick probably had some knowledge of the Kabbalah,. Of course he could’ve had all that exclusively from Hollywood. (If not exclusively, there might be some probability in that he might also got to know some things because of his ancestry.)
      Schnitzler might have heard some things in Austria. (Which has more probability, Schnitzler hearing of Frankist or masonic things in Austria or being influenced by Aleister Crowley? (A name that’s generally brought up in this context.) Assuming he was influence by those kinds of things. Schnitzler also had some contact with Freud. Btw, Gershom Scholem was friends with some Frankfurt School people.)

      Of course it was all likely also intermingled with freemasonry. Subjectively, I thought the Red Cloak in the movie sounded bit like Evelyn de Rothschild. (The scenes were shot at a Rothschild mansion. But of course other movies were shot there as well.)
      There are some things that point towards that Jacob Frank had some connection to the Rothschilds. Towards the end of his life in the 1790s he lived as a Baron in Offenbach, a town bordering Frankfurt. His Residence was provided or sold to him (not clear) by freemason Wolfgang Ernst II. Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel was a member of the ‘Asiatic Brethren’ masonic lodge which was co-founded by Franks’s cousin Moses Dobruschka (later also Thomas von Schoenfeld, ennobled by an Austrian aristocrat freemason) and which was said to be influenced by Frank. Rothschild in Frankfurt was treasurer of Charles’s brother William I. (Also, Frank’s daughter was visited by Russian Tsar Alexander I in 1813.)
      Frank was said to wear a red silk cloak. (Might be a cathilic reference as well. The Frankist were also said to be wearing crosses during rites. The scene in the movie plays an orthodox chant.)

      Members of the ‘Asiatic Brethren’ said to have joined the ‘Nascent Dawn’ (‘Zur aufgehenden Morgenrothe’) lodge founded in 1807 under the French Grand Orient. William Wynn Westcott, cofounder of the Golden Dawn claimed that Edward Bulwer-Lytton “had been admitted as a Frater of the German Rosicrucian College at Frankfort on the Main” (whatever that means, and there are some other claims that the Golden Dawn was a derivation of the Nascent Dawn in Frankfurt) so that would be a connection to the Golden Dawn in England. Whether that’s anything, I don’t know.

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