CrossTalk: Fake News with Patrick Henningsen

21st Century Wire asks…

The sensational reporting by US corporate media has almost fallen off the edge of reality in this new divise, post-election partisan media envirnoment. As evidenced by the latest engineered “fake news” crisis, the establishment are desperate to recoup its lost credibility. Not surprisingly, the media are refusing to critque themselves, not aksing the real question America would like to know: who are the real ‘fake news’ culprits?

“It is called fake news and we are told it is dangerous. Maybe we can agree on this. But let there be no mistake, it is governments and mainstream media that have peddled fake news for decades. And this is being challenged.”

CrossTalking with host Peter Lavelle are Patrick HenningsenVladimir Golstein, and Marcus Papadopoulos.

Watch this fantastic discussion:

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