Arrival (2016) – Movie Meaning Explained by Jay A. Tsoukalos

Jay A. Tsoukalos steps in to decipher the meaning of the recent sci fi mind-bender, Arrival.  Cthulhu was called, answered, and arrived.

Read the full analysis here: 

Arrival (2016) – The Film’s Secret Meaning Explained



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6 Comments on Arrival (2016) – Movie Meaning Explained by Jay A. Tsoukalos

  1. Its brilliancy began even before I clicked on that little “play” triangle thingy…

  2. Michael Sean // November 14, 2016 at 9:21 pm // Reply

    I was laughing just looking at the picture of Giorgio on the video link.

    Ted Chiang who wrote the novela seems to have a bit of a thing for the babel story.

  3. Arrival is the epitime of esoteric Hollywood by leaving the literal message up to the indivual with no consistent facts or clues.

  4. the bottom line meaning of the film was the experience of psychic viewing beyond the boundaries of linear time…this is a bit too cerebral for the average viewer…this experience has been reported by spiritual adepts since there have been spiritual adepts…one recent version of this phenomenon appears in the studies done in Remote Viewing world of experience…Google search for remote viewing, ingo swann, hal putoff, cia remote viewing program, stargate project, russel targ, joe mcmoneagle….there are many books out on the subject.
    The ultimate truth here is that God is timeless and without the boundaries of time, but makes himself know inside the boundary frameworks of time so that we may know him…this means for the adept plugged into this reality, time (past, present, and future) is one. Once again, a bit much for the average viewer…

  5. I interpret it a bit less complex. It’s basically about humanity, survival, unity and comprehension (language in particular). All the other conclusions are

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