The Final Presidential Debate Live: Trump vs Hillary – Jay Dyer on Red Ice

Join Red Ice and special guests for live commentary during the final presidential debate between Trump and Hillary, along with post debate analysis. This is last night’s full commentary stream.

Guests include Jay Dyer, Angelo John Gage, James Edwards, Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch), Jazzhands McFeels & Catalyst.

Download audio here



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5 Comments on The Final Presidential Debate Live: Trump vs Hillary – Jay Dyer on Red Ice

  1. Nice setup for the debate from Red Ice, I just can not stand the sound of Hillary’s voice–and it’s even worse looking at her with those condescending scowls wearing that pantsuit designed by Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

    It was ironic hearing Hitlery, the recipient of the 2009 Margret Sanger Award, talk about her concern for infants. Sanger’s work is on Gutenberg and internet archive, the anonymous blogger Zombie (who I believe works in California’s higher education system) did some posts on Sanger’s books 2 years ago:

    One would think those neo-Malthusian, bigoted quotes would be a political millstone around the neck of any candidate who would publicly admire Sanger or accept an award named after her.

    PS- your latest Red Ice interview on Oct 10th was top notch

  2. Jay you might be interested in the 2008 film Admiral about Alexander Kolchak who was a decorated Admiral in the Russian Imperial Navy, remained loyal to the Czar after the 1917 Revolution, established an anti-communist government in Siberia and became leader of the White Army (“white” meaning Monarchist/anti Bolshevik). Sadly he was captured and executed by the Red army in 1920

    Good film IMO, but I’m probably biased because of my White Russian ancestors who fortunately escaped to the US

    imdb summary —>

    wiki bio of Kolchak—>

    English subtitled trailer for Admiral on YouTube

    If your interested just make sure you get an English subtitled version that plays in US DVD players,

  3. Michael Sean // October 21, 2016 at 6:04 pm // Reply

    Over here Trump is just utterly vilified. He has been turned into a true pantomime villan. The women where I work think it will be a huge step forward for progressive politcs if she wins, and a victory over evil. When you point out Hilaries record of crime and corruption, and the fact that she has the backing of the neo cons, they stare right through you with a glazed look in their eyes, and blurt out something about Trump being dangerous.

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