Prof. Alexander Dugin – Revolutionary Terror


On this day in 1793, the French National Convention officially declared the Reign of Terror, which was allegedly necessary to defend the gains of the revolution. In the 20th century, on this same date in 1918, the Bolshevik Council of People’s Commissars, clearly playing off of historical reminiscences, proclaimed the beginning of the Red Terror. Both events are logically connected.

2 Comments on Prof. Alexander Dugin – Revolutionary Terror

  1. The paradox of the Modern era is that secularism, communism, scientific materialism/empiricism, and even atheism, were all the outcome of Millennialist Judaism and Christianity. Without religious Millennialism, the Modern era itself, and its notion of a necessary progression towards a specific future (the biblical Latter Days), would never have existed.

    The bloody modernity that Dugin describes in the video, a revolutionary terror against the past, was carried out with religious fervour. It stemmed from the desire to radically create the required conditions on Earth for the return of Jesus Christ. If this sounds far-fetched or otherwise ridiculous, read Prof. Arthur Williamson’s book “Apocalypse Then: Prophecy and the Making of the Modern World”.

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