JaysAnalysis: Daniel Spaulding-Classical Nihilism & the Liberal Order (half)

This is the first half of a full interview which can obtained by subscribing to JaysAnalysis at the PayPal links for 4.95 a month or 60.00 per year. Daniel Spaulding of Soul of the East joins me to talk about his many essays, including evangelical nonsense, false teachers and scam artists, and their use by the government apparatus for foreign policy propaganda, as well as the “AltRight.” We discuss the origins of today’s faux preachers and the erroneous ideals of the Enlightenment and the Reformation that underly their “Gospel.” Daniel and I cover Syria, Ukraine and many other western-aggravated conflicts and the real goals of the nihilistic post-modern imperium. Daniel’s excellent list of essays can be found here at souloftheeast.org.

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9 Comments on JaysAnalysis: Daniel Spaulding-Classical Nihilism & the Liberal Order (half)

  1. Very good interview, you both have a lot of insights.

    “Alt right” hits on some important issues–namely the weaknesses of mainstream conservatism– but they have a tendency to remain stuck in an extremely materialistic world view and reduce every issue down to genetics. It would be quite easy to steer them in a direction amicable to the establishment, considering a lot of them basically agree with scientism and go as far to blame Christianity for the West’s problems.

  2. We (aka white people) must return to worshipping Norse gods and reject orthodox Christianity which is just Judeo Marxism with tinsel. On a serious note – great talk!

  3. UnhappyConservative // September 8, 2016 at 11:32 pm // Reply

    Although I find many areas of agreement with Alt-Right I share your criticisms regarding its embrace of scientism and materialism. Many people who consider themselves Alt-Right uncritically accept the premises of Darwinism and would benefit from reading some 20th century fascist material like Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium. Of particular interest would be the chapters titled Darwinism and The Scientific-Technical World-Outlook.

    Some quotes from the former that jive well with the material on this site:

    “The early Civilization was the English period of the West, and all the thought and activity of the whole Civilization was on the English model. All nations embarked upon economic imperialism of the English type. All thinkers became Anglicized intellectually. English thought-systems ruled the West, systems which reflected the English soul, English life-conditions,and English material conditions. Prime among these systems was Darwinism, which became popular, and thus politically effective.”

    “The system shows its provenance as a product of the Age of Criticism in its teleological assumptions. Evolution has purpose — the purpose of producing man, civilized man, English man — in the last analysis,
    Darwinians. It is anthropomorphic — the “aim of evolution” is not to produce bacilli, but humanity. It is free trade capitalism, in that this struggle is economic, every man for himself, and competition decides which life- forms are best. It is gradual and parliamentary, for continual “progress” and adaptation, exclude evolutions and catastrophes. It is utilitarian, in that every change in a species is one that has a material use. The human soul itself — known as the “brain” in the 19th century — is only a tool by which a certain type of monkey advanced himself to man ahead of his fellow- monkeys. Teleology again: man became man in order that he might be man. It is orderly; natural selection proceeds according to the rules of artificial
    breeding in practice on English farms.”

  4. Great podcast sirs. I especially appreciate the observation about the deliberate annihilation of the Orthodox peoples, that certainly seems to be the plan. Maybe the altright could be understood theologically; the mighty god Kek stands against the antigod Dildolech flinging thunderbolts of mockery and pepe frog memes against the degeneracy and poz of dildolech. In the end only one will remain.

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