Jay Dyer on Themes & Memes: Counterintelligence & Imperium the Film (2016)

“On this episode of Themes & Memes, we welcome special guest Jay Dyer from Jay’s Analysis to discuss the 2016 crime-drama Imperium.

After gaining intelligence on radical Neo-Nazi groups, FBI Agent ‘Nate’ is tasked with infiltrating the heart of the White Supremacist movement to investigate a suspected terror plot. Once embedded into the highest levels of the network though, he eventually learns that there are no credible threats of terror, and is thus encouraged by his superiors to both inspire and facilitate one himself.

We look the the parallels between the fictional story being told in the film, and the real-world entrapment scenarios being orchestrated by the FBI; where high profile ‘terror plots’ are engineered by undercover agents and then foiled by the Bureau – such as the infamous ‘Newburgh Sting’ case and others. We touch on the history of key players within Far-Right movements and the incitement of political agitation by establishment networks, drawing connections between high profile extremism and the deep-state.

We also look at the backstory behind the film, where Director Daniel Ragussis asserted his desire to prompt a civilised deconstruction of extremist racial narratives; consulting former FBI Agent Mike German on both White Supremacist ideology and Federal subversion tactics. We discuss the interpretations of Neo-Nazi doctrine and Extreme-Right social demographics being presented in the film, and question as to what sentiments are being communicated in regard to sociopolitical dialectics.

Is Imperium advancing a more complex narrative about paranoia and political ethics, or does it seek to justify the western liberal policy of eliminating all opposition?

Topics discussed include: Imperium, Jay Dyer, Daniel Ragussis, Daniel Radcliffe, FBI, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Terrorism, Surveillance, Intelligence, Credible Threats, Infiltration, Provocateurs, Ferguson Riots, Dallas Shooting, Orlando, False Flag, Dylan Roof, Charleston Shooting, Skinheads, Oklahoma City Bombing, Timothy McVeigh, Elohim City, Extremists, Far-Right Politics, Hal Turner, The Turner Diaries, Race War, Anti-Zionism, Lew Rockwell, Dallas Wolf, Fascism, CIA, Ukraine, Pussy Riot, Femen, Christian Identity, KKK, Geopolitics, The Newburgh Sting, Mike German, Brennan Law Centre, Police State Pageantry, John Birch Society, Predictive Programming, Victimhood, Western Liberalism, Democracy, Nation of Islam, Cognitive Bias, Charles Manson, PSYOPS, EU, Immigration, Multiculturalism, Rush Limbaugh, George Soros, Democracy Now, Michael Moore, BLM, Bill Maher, Conspiracy Theorists, White Genocide, Alt-Right, Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice, Hilary Clinton, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Ethno-Nationalism, David Duke, Kevin McDonald, Cultural Marxism, Militias, Communism, Aleksander Dugin, Contradictions of Liberalism, Globalism, United Nations, Diversity, Demographics, Revolution, Audiences, NSA, Cyber-Ops, Narrative Networks, Jay’s Analysis, Esoteric Hollywood.”
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