Jay Dyer – Tragedy & Hope 6: World War 2 & the Cold War Symphony

This is the first half of a full lecture which can be obtained at JaysAnalysis by subscribing for 4.95 a month or 60.00 per year. Here, we pick up where part 5 left off in the long drudgery of World War 2. Hitler’s moves were coaxed by the western powers, leading to a new boogey man that would envelop the globe in a total reengineering of order. From a 3 bloc to a 2 bloc world, the “new war order” was like nothing before it, leading to the Cold War and the scientific dictatorship.

Stream or download the free hour 1 of part 6 here.

Lecture 1 is here.

Lecture 2 is here.

Lecture 3 is here.

Lecture 4 here.

Lecture 5 is here



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19 Comments on Jay Dyer – Tragedy & Hope 6: World War 2 & the Cold War Symphony

  1. Tarpster Webley // August 29, 2016 at 3:01 pm // Reply

    I simply can not contain my exasperation at this latest so-called analysis by this Mr. Dyer!

    This is yet another irresponsible attack on the reputation of FDR, Hero of The Working Man!

    FDR would NEVER have worked with Nazis! The Four Freedoms speech and ensuing policy was one of the great moments in the history of the United States and a welcome relief from the oligarch-created Great Depression on the 1930’s. This latest salacious attack by Mr. Dyer on FDR and the New Deal was likely done in the spirit of the traitorous pineapples LtGen. Short and Adm. Kimmel, the disgraced military leaders of the US Pacific forces in Pearl Harbor and internal enemies of FDR who were alone responsible for the thousands of American deaths during the totally unprovoked Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

    Beware my fellow citizens, when this Mr. Dyer does his so-called analysis of Cobra Currency from the beloved GI Joe cartoons of his youth, what he really wants to see are Dyer Dollars, wherein he and his fellow Austerity Ghouls would enforce crushing poverty on the citizens of the United States. Just like the Republican, Austrian School Economists in Congress like Ayn Rand Paul Ryan he wants to turn you all into lumpenproletariat, the proletariat-in-rags while he sits in his ivory tower describing Plato’s Republic to the likes of Donald Trump and his associates.

    As I have repeatedly said, don’t waste your time reading Machiavelli, Carroll Quigley and Plato!
    Come to my protest and hold up signs saying “Trump = Nazi”

    And remember to Vote Lyndon LaRouche in November!

  2. So after shedding the blood of white men to fight and win all these wars, the final end is to get rid of white people all together, with endless immigration and forced integration into every white place.

  3. Got to listen to first half. Excellent!

  4. Jason Baptiste // August 31, 2016 at 2:23 pm // Reply

    Re “The Hiroshima Mushroom Cloud that Wasn’t”. The article does say that the iconic picture of the mushroom cloud is not a mushroom cloud, but it goes on to say that the cloud in question is a result of the firestorm which resulted from the dropping of the atom bomb. The article includes a picture of the actual (much smaller) mushroom cloud taken from the rear of the Enola Gay by the plane’s tail gunner.

    Great series though; I’ve got a Kindle edition of T&H but the tragedy is I’ve no hope of reading it.

  5. Seems like a more apt title for the book would have been Tragedy & Hypocrisy, Quigley seems like the type of person i would never tire of punching. Excellent as always, cheers.

  6. Listened to part deux… Outstanding! Can’t wait for the Cold War: a meta level contrived dialectic

  7. Chaos theory is John Nash.

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