Aleppo Syria Dust Boy Image Staged – Jay Dyer

The war image perfectly serves the neoconservative agenda for supporting ISIS and demonizing Russia.

Who are Syria’s White Helmets?



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7 Comments on Aleppo Syria Dust Boy Image Staged – Jay Dyer

  1. What Europe if you date Europe from the Late Roman Republic-Empire that did not include beyond the Rhine Danube rivers part until the sixth to sixteenth century AD. And these idiots still fantasize that they have to destroy Russia to accomplish that goal.

  2. Regarding the alleged drowned boy – who doesn’t happen upon a child lying face down in the surf apparently unconscious and not first remove the child from the water and try to revive him?

  3. Bashar Assad did postgrad training at an Imperial College linked hospital in london. The current chairman of Imperial College council is Eliza Manningham Buller former director general of MI5. While Bashar Assad was training in London his older brother Bassel Assad a political reformer and anti corruption campaigner who was expected to succeed his father was driving his mercedes through Damascus at night, at high speed, through fog, without a seat belt when he hit a motorway roundabout and died instantly.

    • in other news Uber’s first self-driving car Arrives in Pittsburgh this month. Remember to put your seat belt on unless you want to end up like Bassel Assad. Oh they disabled the seat belts and the car just hit 100mph. Daily mail headline ‘Uber Slay Ride’

      • james grey // August 25, 2016 at 4:03 pm //

        In the guardian today UN and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) accused the Syrian government of using chlorine gas in two attacks and Isis fighters of using mustard gas in one. This smells like shit. Not the gas but the OPCW.

  4. Jay. What do you think of the possibility that both of these staged photos, Drowned Boy and Dust Boy, also are seeding for further propaganda aimed at Western women? Why little boys? My hunch is so that as Mideast refugees, mostly 20something males, continue to enter European nations, the European women will be more sympathetic to choosing to have children with them rather than with native males, and also be more likely to react negatively to the protective instinct in their own men that partially factors in anti-refugee reactions. “Gunter, you heartless beast! Walid could have been dust boy, Don’t you see? Come on , Walid, I want to hear more about all the dangerous dangers you braved…”

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