1 Comment on Turkey’s Shift Toward Russia & The Grand Chessboard

  1. Dick —

    This is an excellent article — after Jay’s interview with Alexander Dugin, he’s started publishing on Katehon, Dugin’s website.

    I know you are terribly busy these days and don’t have a lot of time for some of the issues that interest me most, but I’ll continue to send articles I think are valuable, on the assumption that they would have interest for you as well and that you’ll find time to read at least some of them.

    My opinion of these sources (Jay and Katehon) is very high right now; I think they’re doing extremely good work.

    Apart from the article below, here is the URL for one of the references in it from Katehon, which highlights the very real possibility of using very advanced mind-control techniques to cause people to go berserk. I’ve been following this topic for several years now. I’m sure it’s quite real and will be used more and more in the future. It’s one of the scariest possibilities out there, and in this case, it provides an excellent addition to the explanation for what we’ve been seeing in Europe.


    These two articles, taken together, offer a clear view of the trajectory of a now ramping up war as the unipolar and multipolar take each other on. I grieve for what is happening to Europe. The problem at this point is that the groundwork for the current situation has been in the process of being laid down for many years. Turning around something like that is like trying to break out of a prison after all the bricks and bars are already in place.

    Basically, Western peoples have lost their way. Why? Brain-washing. Mind control. False history and false social sciences. Dumbing down. Distractions. Bling-bling. Zombification.

    Very sad. Very sad.

    What is happening in Europe is also planned for America, in my view. We should be taking notice.



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