The Terror Dialectic: Contrived Unity – Jay Dyer on Red Ice

From hour 1 of a 2 hour interview with Red Ice Radio: “Jay Dyer is a public speaker, lecturer, comedian and author of Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film, as well as the host of the JaysAnalysis Podcast/Esoteric Hollywood. Jay is also a regular contributor to 21stCenturyWire, Soul of the East and the Espionage History Archive. Broaching subjects as wide as satire, metaphysics, film analysis, theology, geopolitics, literature and history, as well as interviewing numerous prominent figures, Jay has authored hundreds of articles read by millions.

In the first hour, Jay deconstructs the events of the 7/7 Dallas shooting spree by Micah X. Johnson during a Black Lives Matter protest that left 5 police officers dead and 9 officers and two civilians wounded. Jay brings to light many details that echo previous staged false flag events and terror plots hatched by the FBI, inflamed by Soros funded NGOs, and propagandized through MSM pageantry. We discuss various anomalies that point to black ops social engineering, including the active shooter drill prelude, the racially charged sniper scenario and the Hollywoodesque bomb bot takedown of the killer. Jay talks about “enlightenment liberalism” that is being exacerbated and capitalized on by the internationalist elite, where the normal distinctions of human nature are being erased in order for a “Brave New World” of blended monoculture to be reconstructed out of the chaos. He says this Manichaean dialectic is part of a long term geopolitical strategy of ramping up tensions and instigating conflicts between extremist elements (i.e. BLM vs police, LGBTQ vs Islam) so that a One World Government dictated by Martial Law can rise up out of the ashes. We look at the volatile conditions that are the result of the multicultural experiment and consider the kind of social glue that would be needed to hold together a culture contrived on unity and oneness. This new pseudo religion is all about perception management and the amalgamation of emotions and opinions as defined by a synthetic 2-D reality of fake news and a hierarchy of victim classes.

In the member hour, Jay talks more about the alchemical aspect of the merging of two opposing forces that is playing out perfectly in the current East/West clash of civilizations. He illuminates the Freemasonic elements we see openly displayed in these Gladio-style intelligence operations, where orchestrated terror events are fronted by patsies and provocateurs of one extreme to propel history towards a “great unification.” Jay explains how a double standard tactic is being applied to create hypersensitivity about race so as to crush down any sort of natural hierarchy that may threaten the globalist hegemony. Then, we analyze the black power/global rainbow unity spectacle of the 2016 Super Bowl – a high profile ritual Jay calls “aesthetic terrorism” that is designed to program the subconscious minds of the masses to accept the media’s definition of terrorism. We look at how this deliberate display of xenophobic propaganda foreshadowed the establishment’s plans for a “helter skelter” race war and a “summer of chaos,” and we break down how the controlled media muddies the Nationalist uprising by propping up contrarian figures like Yiannopoulos and Geller. Later, we discuss how to overcome the slow kill of humanity by the diseased system by recognizing the fundamental flaws of equality and ridding ourselves of the infection of liberalism.”


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6 Comments on The Terror Dialectic: Contrived Unity – Jay Dyer on Red Ice

  1. Good interview. The Dollar Vigilante has also put forth an excellent video breakdown of the Dallas police shootings, proving the utter impossibility of the parking garage bomb narrative IF there was only one lone wolf shooter.

  2. Excellent job Jay. It’s insane how many people refuse to question information by the mainstream [or even alternative] press at times. Its quite ironic, because many will literally follow the media into the grave. If the MSM media says something took place, its legit. But the second anyone questions anything, then all hell breaks lose.

  3. Anything in the works to offer the full two hours to your paid subscribers?

  4. Great conversation, some good points from both gentlemen. I admire your ability, Jay- in this interview in particular-to bridge the widening gap between the new alt right and other forms of alt media. And you did so without compromising your views. It is encouraging to me that Henrick is still able to at least allow such things into his newfound paradigm, and it was big of him to hold a mature and grounded conversation, even if he didn’t agree with all of it, because I have to admit, I was (and still am to be honest) perplexed by the path Red Ice has so quickly seemed to go down. Don’t get me wrong, its cool and healthy to change- thats how we evolve our worldviews and hopefully become more closely aligned with truth- but I struggle to see how a radio show that previously exposed dialectical tactics of manipulation and deep state strategies of tension can suddenly engage in tired old left/right paradigms and embrace certain official narratives just because they conveniently bolster their own political and racial viewpoints. Its just that even in reading the comments over at Red Ice, you see that they have recently attracted a certain toxic quality of character not previously seen in such alternative realms of investigation. And I’m not a libtard, a cuck, a duck, or a swissarmy knife…I’m just a guy searching for truth to inform my worldly actions and wondering why certain media I once enjoyed changed so radically so quickly.

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