A Family Operation: How The Godfather Trilogy Details Real Conspiracies

Jay's Analysis

Don Corleone. Don Corleone.

By: Jay Dyer

Based on Mario Puzzo’s novel of the same name, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfatheris known as one of the greatest films in cinematic history. Though the third installment has noticeably lower critical ratings, the trilogy as a whole is worthy viewing, but for JaysAnalysis, we will be taking a different route.  Not only is the trilogy an enjoyable aesthetic experience, reviewing the series of late, I was surprised to see so many parallels to real-life conspiracies, assassinations, skullduggery and deep state agendas I’ve researched the last decade.

The Godfather garnered numerous awards in 1972, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Marlon Brando as Don Corleone, but the real message of the trilogy has gone unnoticed to most – it is my thesis the trilogy is an excellent insight into how the management of the world actually plays out.  No, the world isn’t run by Italian mafiosos, and there are families much older and with much…

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