Tron Legacy: Esoteric Analysis

Jay's Analysis

Notice the pyramidal structure of the black on bottom and top, from which light emanates. This symbolizes the gnostic version of as above, so below – dualism. Its “Just a Game” because its an illusory world.

By: Jay Dyer

I hate to always harp on gnosticism, but it’s undeniably the recurrent theme of most sci fi and fantasy/cult films. Gnosticism is the ancient perennial tradition that descends from Egypt and (possibly) older civilizations. In its modern form, it comes to us from the Nag Hammadi documents recently discovered, whose tradition was passed down in the secret societies and occult orders, of which Freemasonry is a good example. I am not saying that Freemasonry is actually a lineage from Egypt, but that there is a similarity of doctrine that has come down through the ages.

By the first century, the gnostic traditions flourished, rivalling and challenging other sects, becoming a force of…

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1 Comment on Tron Legacy: Esoteric Analysis

  1. Episode about the original Tron, including the government connections and the likely background and motives of the film-maker.

    Also, Tron Legacy was produced with the assistance of the Pentagon-sponsored Institute for Creative Technologies. I didn’t know this as the time we recorded that podcast.

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