OJ Shot JFK! The JFK King-Kill 33 Psy Op

Testing out some new video software on my iPhone, we shot a rough video at the Grassy Knoll. As Chris and John at Hoaxbusters propose – what if the JFK fiasco is itself a large-scale theatrical PsyOp? Do we *really* know what went down that day? What about Michael Hoffman’s thesis of a king-kill ritual and dramaturgy? Was he a created martyr for the Cold War and so-called “democracy”? Bearded, hot and haggard, I discuss this.

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6 Comments on OJ Shot JFK! The JFK King-Kill 33 Psy Op

  1. Yeah, this is a good one, they got us pretty good with the JFK production. Without an understanding of the mythology behind it, which we’re not given, it’s up to us to reverse engineer the lolz. The only thing more hilarious than the official narrative for any major event is the bulk of the “alternative” narratives. My approach to this kind of stuff is “throw the baby out with the bathwater”, since the baby is compromised too, and if it isn’t, it’ll come back some way anyway. I’ve used it successfully on myself to very quickly deprogram bogus beliefs that I’d had since my earliest years.

  2. james grey // June 8, 2016 at 1:26 pm // Reply

    with the ridiculous Snowden trailer from Oliver Stone you have to say the JFK movie is total bullshit. So what else is fake. The dinosaurs? They were discovered by the Royal Society and you have three shitty Spielberg dino movies. Oh look the Royal Society just discovered a new dinosaur in Venezuela. Its called the bullshitosaurus.

  3. Of course I agree with this, and then some….If it wasn’t a scripted psyop with role players including the Kennedys, why not just put Oswald at the grassy knoll? That would be the best place to set him up as a “patsy”.But then there would be no side story drama of the Book Depository. Go watch the footage of Ruby shooting Oswald and ask yourself if what you are watching is real. It is admitted that the Life magazine photos of Ruby shooting Oswald are fake. Why would they have to do that?

  4. I absolutely love the title. Food for thought… Yes, the entire last century has been on big mind f&ck. Masonry’s black hand, I suspect

  5. There are those who believe Col. Ed Lansdale was there in Dealey Plaza. That lends some credence to the idea that a fake assassination attempt may have been planned to force Kennedy’s hand regarding Cuba. Psyops would come in handy for the coverup and disinfo involved in the real assassination.

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