Katy Perry’s Illuminati and Engineered Modern Art

Jay's Analysis

Homage  to Blade Runner? Homage to Blade Runner?

By: Jay

If you haven’t heard, Katy Perry told Rolling Stone she wants in!  The hallowed halls of the Illuminati elite are wide open for the rising stars, just fill out a form and sign on the dotted line…with blood! 

For most, the development of the arts is an organic, random process that just happens to occur, with the latest weirdo upping the ante and making a hefty profit for his “genius” work, usually involving some form of actual litter, feces, urine or corpses.  What the unknowing public and its masses of “artsy” trendy wanna-bes who inhabit metropolises and immerse themselves in this sordid arena are unable to fathom or grasp, is that the movement of art itself in the 20th and 21st centuries is engineered to take the track it has.  While the internet has exploded over the last few years with sites that maximize hits based…

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4 Comments on Katy Perry’s Illuminati and Engineered Modern Art

  1. Hollywood is on board with the Psychopath, Inbred, Luciferian New World Order Globalist Agenda 21 & 30..they’re feeding the alligator that will eat them in the end…Stalin would say they are….useful Idiots.

  2. I signed up for subscription last week and haven’t heard from you or received password.

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