Jay Dyer/Jamie Hanshaw Afternoon Commute: Alchemical Cultural Petri Dish

John and Chris of Hoax Busters join Jay Dyer and Jamie Hanshaw in a free ranging discussion about many topics, including: The Laurel Canyon Scene, The Music Industry, Weaponized Culture, Vietnam, Perfumes and Fragrance, Geopolitics, Nihilism, Evolutionism, The Middle East, Fake Terror, Immigration, Gender Roles, Occult Symbolism, Pizza, Jay’s new book: Esoteric Hollywood.

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3 Comments on Jay Dyer/Jamie Hanshaw Afternoon Commute: Alchemical Cultural Petri Dish

  1. james grey // May 22, 2016 at 9:15 pm // Reply

    war as occult sacrifice? – Remembrance Sunday is held in the UK to commemorate servicemen and women in the two World Wars. The ceremony is held in London at the Cenotaph and the military band plays the Music of Remembrance which is……’Nimrod’ from the Enigma Variations. Nimrod was the founder of the religion of Babylon which incorporated human sacrifice. He married his own mother Semiramis before he was cut into pieces by Noah’s son Shem. Nimrod then reincarnated himself in Semiramis womb in a twisted virgin birth two thousands years before Christ. Nimrod becomes the unconquered pagan Horned Sun God Baal of the Cult of Sol Invictus and Semiramis the Goddess. The priests of Nimrod or Baal were required to eat of the grisly human sacrifice as ‘Cahna-Bal’ (cahna meaning priest). Not related to any of this is https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invictus_Games and Invictus (2009) with Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela

  2. Although it doesn’t come as a surprise to me, I did pay close attention to the influence of Intelligence in electronic music. I’m somewhat of an avid fan of drum and bass.

  3. I worked in a third grade class room as an “intervention specialist” watching over “special needs” students, particularly one student who was a serious handful. This student’s status as a special needs student precluded her from consequences that any other student would be subject to were he or she to behave in such a reprehensible manner. What I found was that this particular student was able to push the standards so far, that all students were able to act awfully without repercussions because any sense of justice had been eroded. How could I or the teacher adequately and honestly discipline a student for being a bully, or talking, etc., when this other student threw a chair and didn’t even get a time-out. Inadvertently this student had moved the window for the behavior of the entire class.
    The mention of “Bewitched” reminded me of this little story. The extreme behavior of the sixties maneuvered the discourse, and the context of acceptable behavior into a new arena that kind of left our culture too exhausted to keep up. We’ve been easy to manipulate ever since. I’m not even making a moral argument here. Though there could very well be one to make. But simply the cultural changes occurred to quickly and to drastically for any healthy adaptations to take place that would allow integration and destabilization of cultural norms. Any time something has started to normalize it is altered, enhanced, or reversed. Thes is the only normal most of us know, and assume it is just a law of nature, as opposed to a form of trauma based manipulation towards what i perceive to be vile ends.
    Thanks for the stimulating conversation I was privy to here.

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