The World is Not Enough: JaysAnalysis w/Patrick Henningsen (Half)

This is the first free half of a full talk for paid subscribers.  Patrick Henningsen of 21stCenturyWire joins me for another graduate level course in geopolitics, as we break down the following topics: Mainstream media hoaxes, fake news, Atlanticist hegemony, intelligence operations and smart power/soft power fronts, NGOs, the war in Aleppo, “White Helmets,” the history of CIA operations in Syria, Hollywood’s Rendition, Turkey’s role,  007 and The World is Not Enough’s plot in relation to modern Eurasian subterfuge, the secret behind the Somali “pirate” scam, and much, much more!  For full talks, lectures and interviews, subscribe to JaysAnalysis for 4.95 a month at the PayPal link.

Stream or download hour 1 here.

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4 Comments on The World is Not Enough: JaysAnalysis w/Patrick Henningsen (Half)

  1. Looking forward to the full release

    • james grey // May 9, 2016 at 8:54 pm // Reply

      International Rescue Committee (IRC) wiki page: ”by the 1950s the IRC had evolved into a global operation functioning as an integral link in the CIA’s covert network.” IRC specialise in first response, health programs, gender-based anti-violence programs, post-conflict development, programs for children, resettling refugees, diplomacy. The current CEO of IRC operating out of New York City is David Miliband, former British Foreign Secretary and Tony Blair’s Head of Policy. This looks like a parallel outsourced State Department maybe used by Hillary to bypass Congress. If only Hillary hadn’t totally trashed her server and 14 hard drives. Also see article by the Guardian “Hillary Clinton reveals ‘crush’ on David Miliband” lol that is gross

  2. Great interview! Keen insights provided by both guest and host. Patrick’s piece on NGO’S and the human rights industrial complex is a must read. The idea that the Somali pirates “crisis” was yet another scam aka protection racket had not occurred to me. Very interesting. But it makes sense. On element of 9/11 was likely a insurance scam. National security is a protection racket and conduit for massive embezzlement. Again great show.

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