Jay Dyer w/Catherine Austin Fitts: Top 10 Mind Control Movies (Partial)

Catherine Austin Fitts invited me on the Solari Report for a lively conversation covering mind control, movies and the transhumanist agenda.  We chose ten films that stand out as exemplars, and ended up chatting for almost two hours.  The full talk can be obtained by subscribing to her Solari Report below or at JaysAnalysis.com at the PayPal link, as well as my book, Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film.

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4 Comments on Jay Dyer w/Catherine Austin Fitts: Top 10 Mind Control Movies (Partial)

  1. james grey // April 30, 2016 at 9:41 pm // Reply

    Great show. My favourite MK movie is Shutter Island – Leonardo Dicaprio is a detective investigating a psychiatric facility who is spiked with psychotropic drugs, depatterned and reprogrammed with an alter personality with fake memories that he killed his wife. At the end of the movie “spoiler alert” DiCaprio who now thinks he killed his wife voluntarily agrees to a lobotomy. Also the movie Inception which shows you that you need catharsis in order to successful mentally influence people. Catharsis is any extreme change in emotion through art and is associated with anagnorisis which means recognition of new ideas. Very dodgy. HBO Amazon Prime, Netflix, BBC drama is all diseased with this. Also the Tarantino Death Proof monarch programming scene ‘the woods are lovely, dark, and deep. I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. Did you hear me, Butterfly? Miles to go, before you sleep.’

    • james grey // May 2, 2016 at 10:06 am // Reply

      just to clarify anagnorisis or ‘knowing again’ is a mind state in which the quality of your awareness shifts and you become open to new intellectual realisation. This mind state can be prompted by emotional triggers or dramatic triggers on television which involve tragedy. The effects of tragedy on the mind of spectator are the same as the effect of a cathartic on the body. A cathartic is a substance that accelerates defecation – i.e. the excretion or purging of old ideas which prepares your awareness for new content. HBO Amazon Prime, Netflix, BBC drama typically have a shock or tragedy at around 40 min which triggers anagnorisis. New ideas can be introduced to the viewer that are more likely to be accepted without controversy or question for example ‘it is acceptable for the hero to use torture’ or ‘men are always going to cheat on you’. You create new social axioms or general beliefs that represent one’s view about how the world functions through the accumulation of layers of these ideas.

  2. Tracy Haus // May 1, 2016 at 1:37 pm // Reply

    Jay is one of the most intelligent and researched men out there. mentions Timothy Leary..would like to hear someone speak about Gloria Steinems role in cia and how they used feminism to misdirect us into thinking women are equal, but only so by mimicking men and other absurdities. Would like to add..perhaps Jay is already aware of this..but regarding The Shining..kubrick did an interview talking about how he read the book subliminal seduction and met with marketing..advertising agents and used same techniques in The Shining..example..the tv is on..but not plugged in…also..no doubt danny in film is being sexually abused as are many trauma induced victims which some believes helps them in their psychic abilities..I myself must have watched a dozen times or more..critics first panned the shining..but one critic went on to rewrite his critique after saying he could not shake the films creepiness. Curious to know if Jay thinks that Philip k dick was in on mind control or was just a writer..always seems connections with writers like huxley and orwell that make me wonder whose side they were really on.

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