The Theater of Media Operations: Snowden Analyzed

The arrival of the Snowden movie shows my 2014 analysis to have been correct.

Jay's Analysis

Wikileaks, Part Deux. Image: Wikileaks, Part Deux. Image:

By: Jay

One of the evident patterns that emerges concerning the theater of operations known as “media” is the never-ending rabbit hole of trails and endless, conflicting details that don’t and won’t add up concerning a figure like Edward Snowden.  The application of the military term “theater of operations” is especially relevant here, since we swim in a sea of media theater and infotainment.  This is not by accident: The theater of infotainment itself is an important pillar of the Infowar.  With Edward Snowden, the recent star of the world media acting stage, the trails and legend(s) surrounding his back story are purposefully misleading.

Concerning this intentional labyrinth of false leads and bogus details, analyst Jon Rappoport comments:

“Of course, the American people don’t consider all these potential elements of the Snowden affair. (More on the various potential elements of the Snowden affair can…

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6 Comments on The Theater of Media Operations: Snowden Analyzed

  1. new trailer on youtube this week for the Oliver Stone film Snowden with Nicolas Cage as four-star general Keith B. Alexander hilarious this film is total bullshit about as authentic as the zapruder film

  2. You know Jay, for all the information paraded around about Snowden, many miss what you, Rappoport and a handful of others have seen all along. Its kind of ironic how the illusion of change serves to bring about no change whatsoever.

  3. Notice that in the trailer Snowden is walking round with two broken legs and can do a five hour exam in 40 minutes. Clearly he’s secretly Wolverine or something. How anyone can take this seriously I don’t know.

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