Esoteric Hollywood: Prince Death and Illuminati Illusions (Half)

The first half is free, while the full interview can be had by subscribing at JaysAnalysis for 4.95 a month at the PayPal link. A Non-GMO Hybridization of Esoteric Hollywood and The Afternoon Commute. Jay Dyer, John Adams and I (Chris Kendall) have an excellent discussion regarding Chyna, Empire of Illusion, WWF, WWE, Geraldo Rivera, Prince, the Intelligence Revolution and the Future(1994), James Bond, The Great Game, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Christopher Walken, S.W.A.T., Black Panthers Raid, S.L.A., Patty Hearst, Ian Fleming and the Cultural Politics of James Bond, 007 and 9/11, Desensitization of Violence, Theater of Cruelty, Pavlovian Conditioning, Clockwork Orange, Zombie Culture, Redneck Zombies, Russ Meyer, Mondo Films, Disney Transgender, The Parent Trap, Film Fakery, Radical Feminism, University Culture, Political Correctness, Hate Week, 1984, 2 Minutes of Hate, Holograms.

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9 Comments on Esoteric Hollywood: Prince Death and Illuminati Illusions (Half)

  1. Induction of Psychoneuroses by Conditioned Reflex under Stress – see Len Deightons first novel. Psychoneuroses means zombification deficit in functioning. Len Deighton was in royal navy Special Investigations then worked in advertiing then was travel editor of Playboy. That is a very dodgy resume. Quentin Tarantino wants to film Berlin Game, Mexico Set, London Match trilogy, Note in Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones is recruited by Army Intelligence – he is a secret agent. Note ‘James Bond’ is a MK persona. The ‘Bonds’ are all orphens, drink martinis, parents died in skiing etc. It is also 19th april 4th may the Feast of Baal starwhacking festival.

  2. Hawking is now saying black holes are portals to higher dimensions. This from 19th april the Feast of Baal
    The Rosicrutians are right the invisible worlds exist and these occult lunatics are opening portals at CERN using digital physics. They will open a gate to the Red Dragon of Revelation and try to trap it.

  3. About hard to watch violent movies… have you ever watched any movies
    Don’t forget the “Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis from the 60’s. Some of his movies are really rough and simply hard to watch.
    He’s actually a very sweet guy, but you’d never know it judging from those movies. His step daughter is a family friend. Funny, from what I understand, he was actually one of those New York ad men like in “Mad Men” in the late 1950’s and he decided to go off and make horror films in Miami.
    Herschell is still alive and interacting with the public.
    You can see the man himself here in this one min trailer for the “newer” Blood Feast

    After making those splatter films, he went on to be very successful in his direct mailing marketing business (you know, ads in junk mail). He lectures about films regularly as well. Very smart and sweet guy. From what he told my husband, Heschell wanted to have “fun, a blast, a great time” making those movies.
    The splatter films [he invented the genre] were mainly intended for marketing at the drive-ins as double features for shock value. They were a big hit at the drive-ins. He’s a marketing genius and made a ton of money (and he says his ex-wife got most of the money from those movies LOL).

    Most of the horror directors believe the audience is working out some sort of catharsis watching these movies. Could it be more a reflection of the culture instead of the filmmaker?

    They’re really rough movies, though. I can’t take ’em.

  4. I just realized Vanity also died on February 16th 2016, also 57 years old. But Sheila E. is still alive ….

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