JaysAnalysis: Nina Kouprianova on Espionage & Geopolitical Tensions (Half)

Nina Kouprianova is an independent analyst of geopolitics and culture. She earned her PhD (History) from the University of Toronto, focusing on modern and contemporary Russia, culture, and U.S. foreign policy. In this interview we discuss her translations and articles found at Espionage History Archive, Soul of the East and on her own blog, NinaByzantina. Critical of the leftist tyranny in modern academia, Nina tells us about her experiences in the West, as well as her upbringing in Russia. From there, we discuss her recent translations that touch on Hitler, Stalin, and Syria, as well as her analysis of the Ukraine, NATO and the IMF, and how color revolutions and “humanitarian” agendas are often not what they seem. Nina also gives us her homework recommendations for film, philosophy and history.  The first half of this talk is free, while the full interview can be obtained by subscribing to JaysAnalysis for 4.95 a month at the PayPal link. Her work can be found below:

Stream or download the free half here.

Nina on Twitter
Nina’s work at Soul of the East
Nina’s work at Espionage History Archive
Her blog

Saker’s Italian Translations

Pravoslavie Articles

Spanish Translations

Image Credit: Nina Kouprianova


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3 Comments on JaysAnalysis: Nina Kouprianova on Espionage & Geopolitical Tensions (Half)

  1. maryann manley // April 21, 2016 at 8:29 pm // Reply

    Jay,iread some of what you write,but I don’t understand you. I don’t understand your position and the point you are trying to make to the general reader. I am, from the looks of you pictures,old enough to be your mother but not to old to see your writing as very trippy.What is it you wish us to know? The world has many dangerous,diabolical residents? We already know that.Will you favor me with a reply that perhaps includes a little clearer insight into your thinking.I read soul of the East and that is where I found you. Sincerely,Maryann Manley.

  2. Webster Tarpley has a talk on Ukrainian nationalism where he asserts that it is a creation of the German General staff. Apparently it had something to do with Brest-Livtosk. I’d listen to his lecture again but ever since I heard your impersonation of him, I can’t listen to Tarpley without cracking up. Thanks a lot. Great talk!

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