Numbers Prove God

Jay's Analysis

The Divine is the highest of Infinities. The Divine is the highest of Infinities.

By: Jay Dyer

When considering the question of “proofs” for the existence of God, the history of argumentation has often been lacking.  The dialectical relationship of the empirical/materialist tradition debating with the idealist/Platonic tradition is a perennial feature of the history of western philosophy.  Modern “New Atheists,” for example, are eager to pounce on flaws in the so-called “classical proofs,” as if these were the b-all, end-all of the question of rational certainty for the divine.

The chief problems with the “classical proofs” are that: 1) They do not prove what they set out to prove insofar as they are (classically) based on an empirical theological method that stems primarily from Aquinas, 2) The arguments themselves are non sequitur, where the starting points of the proofs do not logically necessitate the conclusions, and 3) The philosophical and theological assumptions implicit in the arguments are…

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9 Comments on Numbers Prove God

  1. This was a beautiful piece I really enjoyed reading. My father was a physicist who loved math and always saw God there. Art, music, and math, evidence of God’s existence, he used to always say. I myself am far more romantically inclined, so I saw God and simply fell in love. Regardless of how you get there however, evidence of His existence and His presence is all around us.

  2. Jay. Can numbers also prove Satan?

    • I think God shows there is a Devil, yes, but that is not to say I’m making an argument from gnostic dualism, as of God necessitates the existence of the Devil.

    • In other words if one means by “prove” shows my worldview to be basically correct, then that includes a devil.

  3. in mathematics you also have occult dualism refering to the known and the hidden. For example Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF). So what is the hidden math? I’m guessing Enochian mathematical keys.

    • Possible, though i tend to think John Dee was largely a con man.

      • james grey // April 15, 2016 at 8:11 pm //

        another word for con man is magician. The occult elite are magicians. They practice magick or mental influencing; PR, advertising, propaganda, behaviourism, false flag, the ‘non-denial denial’ are all forms of magick. The magician seeks to confuse the reality of those around him to control them. Enochian magick appears to be important to the elite because the magician assumes the power of a deity. In OTO texts this is called ascention or self-deification. This may not be actually happening but what is interesting is does the magician think it has happened? And can he confuse the reality of the goons around him? The magician develops a fixation on a deity that grows into full identification. Powerful deities like Ishtar are ‘unlocked’ with mathematics and diabolical sex ritual for example eroto comatose lucidity. Entirely unrelated youtube video Donald Trump 66th floor penthouse exposes his idol the sun god Apollo one of the most powerful gods.

      • Yes I’ve discussed some of that on recent shows

  4. What proves God is the self-evidence and necessity of the unconditioned Real. “Certainty of the Absolute is absolute,” as Schuon as said. However, in too many persons today, the intellect has been blocked by scientism and modern philosophies.

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