X-Files Esoterically X-plained: Media Monarchy with Jay Dyer

James Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy invited me on “Navigating Netflix” to discuss the X-Files reboot and its meaning in the pop milieu that is Hollywood’s obsession with rehashing the 80s and 90s. What the heck is up with the X Files showing so much conspiracy reality, yet cloaking it under the “alien” blanket? Was there anything redeeming in the show, or was it more or less a failure? Is all this just “conspiracy candy,” to quote HoaxBusters? What about the references to GMOs, the NSA and chemtrails? What about feminism in sci fi, X Files and the Alien series? For more, subscribe to JaysAnalysis.com for 4.95 a month at the PayPal link.



1 Comment on X-Files Esoterically X-plained: Media Monarchy with Jay Dyer

  1. the black oil in xfiles is straight out of molecular biology which has now entered the synthetic phase of research. You can create artificial cells and program the gene networks like a computer program. The synthetic matter will interact to give a desired overall behaviour. You can create synthetic organisms with unnatural genetic pathways. In the xfiles the black oil is an artificial biofilm that is programed to toggle genetic swithes on the host. In Prometheus the engineers attempt to bomb the earth with a synthetic matter weapon to create an ecophage… and yes the Xenomorph is made from programable synthetic matter coming soon to your local research lab along with mass produced claytronic homunculi

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