BAM! Scientism Debunked in 7 Mins.

Chris Kendall of Hoax Buster’s Call brilliantly debunks scientism in 7 minutes.

“Scientific Paper Which Says Human Hand Designed by a ‘Creator’ Sparks Controversy”



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  1. Michael Sean // March 19, 2016 at 9:43 am // Reply

    I was listening to Chris’s podcast a few days ago. I enjoy it when he gets on a good rant. Especially when he is right. One of the worst things about scientism is that people with no formal education in any scientific discipline, or even a cursory knowledge of the “scientific method”, think that science has debunked all religion thoroughly. If you ask them to give you some examples of this they start to flounder quite badly and shout “evolution” or “the big bang”. When you ask them to explain further most really have no idea and turn to ad hominem attacks and insults. It gets better when the nihilistic results of their worldview is pointed out, because deep down a lot of people want to indulge in quasi-New Age spiritual beliefs to go alongside the scientism they don’t really understand

    • Great point! Another result of the dumbing down of AmeriKa through scientism. Sad, really. Allow a child to critically think through the reason of this kosmos, without the brainwashing, and s/he will be a theist naturally. The rest -well -that is where the great debates have been and are only answered through personal verification.

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