The Liberal American World Order: Prof. Alexander Dugin on JaysAnalysis

Prof. Alexander Dugin is an author, lecturer and former advisor to Vladimir Putin.  He was gracious enough to speak with me in this in-depth philosophical discussion that covers a wide range of topics, including: The origins of modern liberalism in the Enlightenment era, the problems of atomistic individualism, the anti-metaphysical stance of Anglo-saxon and Scottish empiricists, how this philosophy was mirrored in the Calvinist reformers, and the desacralization of Nature in the West. From there, we discuss the ‘quantification’ of reality that resulted from that period’s mechanistic view of the kosmos and how this led to the techno-fetishism of our day and transhumanism, resulting in the attempt of destroying all collective groupings and ontological categories, including family, gender, etc. Professor Dugin explains the Fourth Political Theory and the importance of Heidegger and the European logos, as well as how evil can have its own inner ‘logic’ as we see “pure Satanism” manifested in the West. If you like this talk, please subscribe at for 4.95 a month at the PayPal link.

Professor Dugin’s site is here.

Articles and books referenced:

“What is Wrong with Europe?”

“Heidegerrian and Apocalyptic Thinking”

“Philosophy of Politics”

“On Eurasianism, the Geopolitics of Land and Sea, and a Russian Theory of Multipolarity”

Fourth Political Theory and other books.

6 Comments on The Liberal American World Order: Prof. Alexander Dugin on JaysAnalysis

  1. Iiiiii dunno. I’m a theist, highly critical of liberal dogma, and as firmly against the Wells-Russell NWO as the next man, but I am hiiiiighly suspicious of Duginism and its fellow-travelers (Radix, the National Policy Institute, etc.) Do you have any critical reflections on this movement? The left-hand path Gnosticism, the bright star of chaos rising in the East ripped straight from Michael Moorcock’s Elric novels, the calls to war, the ‘metaphysics of chaos,’ the fact that a guy like this has a tremendous media machine behind him, translating books into dozens of languages, eagerly trying to be all things to all people alternative (the classic Soviet infiltration model, let us not forget)… and somehow, this merits no mention in the mainstream media, even with its hysteria against Russia? A man with a major ideological following, calling for the destruction of the American world order, is invited to speak at… Texas A&M? Doesn’t any of this seem the least bit fishy or contrived? To me it reeks of the other shoe dropping on yet another manufactured dialectic from the Powers That Shouldn’t Be.

  2. Like… let’s get rolling on the Fifth Political Theory. Stat.

  3. Sorry for being such a jerk in my nails last night, got very drunk. Keep up the good work.

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    • I’ve cited Alan watt many times and linked him. However, watt as far as I can tell is still within the classical liberal tradition. Very different from my views

  4. Isn’t the whole Continental Bloc / ‘three-bloc-world’ idea itself a product of London?

    Compare and contrast. C’mon, guys, you even left Quarantined Japan in there.

  5. Joe Nobody // March 16, 2016 at 1:08 am // Reply

    Jay, I think you’ve covered all the philosophers from Monty Python’s “Philosophers Song”, quite impressive

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