Mad Max: Fury Road – The Inverted New Order

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Jay's Analysis

Film Poster. Film Poster.

By: Jay Dyer

Much furor has been raised over Imperator Furiosa, Charlize Theron’s “strong woman” figure in the latest Mad Max reboot: I expected some to retitle it Mad MaxiPadMad Max: Fury Road opened to a large box office success, and is undeniably a feat of technical and choreographic brilliance, setting a new standard for George Miller’s previous high-octane chase scene exuberance – this is George Miller on acid.   While critics are lauding these (admittedly) spectacular feats of technical prowess, there are also deeper messages being conveyed that should be elucidated, especially the notions of the commodification and control of resources.  Before investigating Fury Road, let’s consider the esoteric setting and context from the prequels.

Mad Max and The Road Warrior

Critics of the film’s feminist message have failed to recall that all the Mad Max installments include a “strong woman,” and in particular they function…

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