Esoteric Hollywood: Willy Wonka’s Trauma Factory w/Jennifer Sodini

Jennifer Sodini of joins me to discuss three films of note: Gandahar, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Star Wars for their deeper significance. In fact, not only are these films irredeemably bizarre, they also demonstrate deep occult notions, and Willy Wonka in particular (written by British Intelligence Agent Roald Dahl), a favorite amongst traumatized kids and those in the mood to get stoned. To hear my full interviews and lectures, subscribe at for 4.95 a month.

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6 Comments on Esoteric Hollywood: Willy Wonka’s Trauma Factory w/Jennifer Sodini

  1. In Timothy Dalton’s first ‘dark bond’ film The Living Daylights a CIA arms dealer Brad Whitaker arranges for the Russians to buy American hi tech weapons but uses the down payment to buy $50bn smack from Al Qaeda……. yes AL QAEDA aka the Snow Leopard Brotherhood who were educated at Oxford. Bond comments that the smack deal is ‘worth half a billion dollars on the streets of New York’. Brad Whitaker is under CIA surveillance so the establishment knows what he is doing. In the film the smack is being shipped out of Afghanistan by the red cross 🙂 If you look at the top 5 arms dealers they are all alleged CIA assets. Oh my days! In Timothy Dalton’s second ‘dark bond’ movie Licence to Kill Bond is in Panama City about to assassinate Medellin cartel drug lord Franz Sanchez when he is stopped by the Hong Kong Narcotics Bureau? Why are Hong Kong agents in Panama to stop the assassination? Oh it’s British Hong Kong ok now I get it. Its a shame they never finished the ‘dark bond’ trilogy with Dalton.

    • correction $50m raw smack = $500m on the streets in 1987

    • Indeed. I intend to get to those eventually

      • james grey // February 14, 2016 at 9:05 pm //

        Bond has his Licence to Kill revoked because MI6 are protecting Sanchez. The other really dodgy thing is the use of big philanthropy to sell drugs and launder the money. They use a front company Olimpatec Mediation Institute in reality Sanchez’s drugs processing plant. Olimpatec Institute has a telethon and the drug buyers make big ‘charitable donations’ to the Intitute. This is ingenious and it would never happen in real life lol 🙂

      • Franz Sanchez from Licence to Kill – “Our biggest problem is what to do with all the money. We have a cash surplus of ten million a day which we ship through our bank to the US Federal Reserve,…thus establishing credits which can be used for any legitimate investment. You see, someone has to help the gringos with their trade deficit.” They are basically laundering $3.5bn a year through the Federal Reserve. Antonio Maria Costa, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime said the drug money saved the banks in the 2008 financial crisis when it was the only liquid capital available. That is probably why Bond is ordered not to touch Sanchez by MI6 because it could “compromise the operations of her majesty’s government 🙂

  2. The sound in this recording wasn’t very good, as you, Jay, sounded like you were speaking from the bottom of a tin can. Therefore, much of it was hard to catch, sound wise.

    You mentioned Clare Booth Luce, playwright, Ambassador to Rome in the 50’s, and wife of Time/Life magazine magnate, Henry Luce. Both were close friends with Allen Dulles, powerful head of the CIA from 1952 – 1961. Both of the Luce’s were also tied to the CIA. At the time of the CIA overthrow of the government in Iran in 1953 and re-installation of the Shad, Clare Booth was having an affair with Dulles and Henry Luce was dallying with Dulles’s wartime mistress, Mary Bancroft. Interestingly, in public, though, Clare Booth was an ardent Catholic and would later rant against the “sex revolution” of the 60’s. Just a little tidbit.

    It should be noted that Life Magazine, an influential media mainstay of that era, promoted “magic mushrooms” and help popularize the beginnings of the “psychedelic movement.” It goes without saying that Henry Luce’s close ties with the CIA had something to do with those articles appearing in his magazine. But, that’s a long, involved story for another time.

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