Oblivion (2013) – Esoteric Analysis

Jay's Analysis

Oblivion film poster Oblivion film poster

By: Jay Dyer

Spoiler Alert

Oblivion is the summer’s first big sci fi blockbuster that opened to mixed reivews. Many movigoers and critics are expressing confusion and bewilderment, not understanding the plot. Others are calling it dull and uneventful, yet my conclusion is that they missed the film’s point.  While there are some legitimate questions as to plot points here and there, the narrative itself is not flawed overall in my estimation.  The key to understanding Oblivion is twofold: conspiracy theory and esoterism.  To be more precise, gnosticism and Platonism.

While “gnosis” arises often in JaysAnalysis reviews, there’s a reason why: it is a theme really and truly prevalent in so many Hollywood productions.  The reasons for this are manifold, but in the big picture, “Hollywood is an extension of gnosticism,” as one director put it.  Considering the Oblivion director’s previous work (Joseph Kosinski) with Tron Legacy, we can be assured that the…

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