David Bowie’s Occult Labyrinth – Esoteric Hollywood


Recorded shortly before the news reports of Bowie’s death, I did a wild and wacky segment on Henson’s spandex classic with Bowie, The Labyrinth.  In this talk I cover my in-depth written analysis of the esoteric and occult elements of this children’s fantasy, replete with Jungian references, Egyptian hermeticism and the Golem.

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Order Hollywood Mind Control by Jamie Hanshaw here!

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If you like this analysis, pre-order my book Esoteric Hollywood by clicking this image!

4 Comments on David Bowie’s Occult Labyrinth – Esoteric Hollywood

  1. Great show as always but this show was obviously coordinated to coincide with Bowie’s death hoax. And when you hear Jay do his Bowie “impression”, I’ve got news for you, that is David Bowie. Jay Dyer and Bowie are the same person in stage makeup. Ear comparison photos on the way…..

  2. melponeme_k // June 29, 2016 at 2:42 am // Reply

    From my readings, book, film and art Alchemical allegories (of which Labyrinth is one) act are vision quests for the artist. They act as a profession of spiritual faith and an active practice in their belief to create the spiritual stone, enlightenment. If you dig further you will see that the creators (in this case film directors) will begin their project on special dates and release them on special dates. This is because stages of Alchemy are connected to the procession of the stars.

    As I’ve stated before in another comment, I don’t go into conspiracies because I don’t know. But I have to say, I don’t think Henson is one of those “alchemists” who believe in the primacy of royal blood. Sarah fails in her quest, she triumphs and grows up. Her chemical marriage partner (Hoggle) apologizes to her regarding the apple trick. Compare that to Harry Potter, in which Harry Potter never apologizes for anything he does.

    The Labyrinth in alchemy is the process of creating the stone. The process is not only done once but many times. When you being the alchemical journey, it is called entering the Labyrinth. You will also see in pictures at times the alchemist entering the maze but with his finger on his lips. This means Alchemists do not discuss their journey. It must be done in silence. That is why film directors will NEVER discuss the alchemical imagery in their films. They are spiritually prohibited form doing so.

    Depending if the alchemist is following the wet path (vegetative) or dry path (metal), there will be different steps and levels involved. The most common stages will be Nigredo (Black – Death), Albedo (chemical marriage, purification) and Rubedo (Philosopher’s Stone). The chemical marriage is the mating of the Red King (in this film Sarah) and the White Queen (Hoggle). She and her friends together represent the 4 elements: Bluto (Earth), Hoggle (Water), Thudydimus (Air), Sarah (Fire). It is said that uniting the elements make it possible for the marriage of Red King and White Queen, the opposites. It brings about harmony or quintessence.

    This is why at the end when Hoggle apologizes it creates the harmony that unites all the elements and Sarah triumphs. The philosopher’s Child (stone) is Sarah’s little brother Toby who is pointedly dressed in Red and White.

    Another note, birds in alchemy represent various stages of the stone material in alchemy. Crows and Owls represent Nigredo or Death. Swans the Albedo and the Phoenix is Rubedo. Incidentally, Hitchcock’s The Birds is an alchemical allegory. Each attack is a stage in the work. Alchemical art shows the Queen/King dead after mating and their spirits are drawn as birds. During each purification stage birds are shown rising and falling over them. The uniting of the elements in that film is Mitch (Air), Melanie (Fire), Cathy (Earth) and Lydia (Water). The greater part of the chemical marriage is not Melanie and Mitch but Melanie and Lydia. It is said that the elements of Fire and Water are so opposite they can only be united by harmony. The conduit in Hitchcock’s film is unconventional, it is Cathy (Earth).

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