Esoteric Hollywood: Andy Nowicki on Conspiracy and Defiance

“Announcing the release of Andy Nowicki’s new book, Conspiracy, Compliance, Control, and Defiance now available in paperback and Kindle.

From the page:
“In this passionately-worded treatise, Andy Nowicki considers the nature of power, both political and personal.
“Nowicki observes the ruthless, cold-blooded, patently reptilian nature of the contemporary ruling class. Assessing this demonic claque’s infernal ability to keep their subjects ‘zombified’ through calculated campaigns of manipulation, bribery, and sheer psychological terror (with an extended commentary on their contrived responses to catastrophic events like 9/11 and Sandy Hook), Nowicki addresses the struggles faced by the proud man who attempts to render himself immune from the maddening mesmeric machinations of totalitarian tyrants.
“A penetrating, shocking, and uncompromising meditation on ‘what is, and what is to be done’ by Andy Nowicki, controversial scribe of the current ‘Alt-Right’ scene.”
Purchase my book, Esoteric Hollywood by clicking the image!

Purchase my book, Esoteric Hollywood by clicking the image!

Order Hollywood Mind Control by Jamie Hanshaw here!

Order Hollywood Mind Control by Jamie Hanshaw here!

3 Comments on Esoteric Hollywood: Andy Nowicki on Conspiracy and Defiance

  1. Great shows! I had the opportunity to listen to your discussions with Andy and the Hoax Busters guys. Very insightful and entertaining. I’m going to buy Andy’s book and see if he’s available for an interview.

  2. I see the “alt-right” (meaning the movement, not specifically the website; although it’s a darn good website) as encompassing several genres. Radical Traditionalism. White Nationalism. The Manosphere. And last, what’s known as “alternative research” (or the “conspiracy theory” community). I think that it’s very important that we embrace SOME of this alternative research stuff, we especially need to know about the occult beliefs of the globalist elites. We need to know their symbolism, which is highly masonic and kabbalistic. Saturn is very important to them. I recommend the site “Vigilant Citizen.”(1) This site analyzes the occultic aspects of pop culture and public architecture. There is no question that the elites are into some very dark occult religion. The most disturbing of all is the involvement with ritual sex abuse and ritual killing. I highly recommend the site “Institution for the study of globalization and covert politics”(2). Read the articles on pedophile rings that reach to the heights of power. After reading these you’ll realize that the globalist elites are evil beyond measure.



  3. Burgundy pilled // January 31, 2016 at 2:06 am // Reply

    I’m coming to the comments a bit late on this one, but here is my take on the Alt Right as it relates to the ‘truth’ movement.

    I first became acquainted with the Alt Right, and then discovered the truth, or conspiracy thinkers through that, as their paths often cross, but I believe that on fundamental politics they are substantively different. Often these so called conspiracy theories originate from an ‘individual versus the state’ philosophy, where the state and its apparatus forces unwanted changes onto the people, often by stealth, in the name of communitarianism as opposed to libertarianism, and also liberalism in the classical sense. Most people in the truth movement appear to come from a radical individualist, anti-statist and libertarian philosophy, where ‘all humanity is one’, all individuals who just wanted freedom, and race, culture and gender are not only not important, but there is pride in being blind to them – the paradigm is often simply ‘humanity versus the elites’. Obviously this particular notion is diametrically opposed to the Alt-Right view of the world, and an analysis of this is presented well in a talk by Greg Johnson, ‘Libertarianism refuted’. The failings of the libertarian philosophy lie in the fact that it works best where the society is ‘high trust’, and due to evolutionary biology, those that make up these societies originate mostly from central and northern Europe. As soon as you introduce tribes into that society who don’t play by those rules, their effect is parasitic on the high trust parent society, and the once healthy, liberal society doesn’t work so well anymore.

    So the truth movement does very well when it comes to bringing ideas to the fore on vaccinations, fluoride, GMOs, 9/11 and the predations of our military industrial complex and intelligence services, but are also politically naive in some respects, as they simply see all humanity as one, and cannot see the importance of the politics of groups, especially those racial or ethnic, and seldom discuss other topics that get censored by the mainstream on sociobiology, IQ, and gender differences, and the origins of the culture war (Franz Boas, the Frankfurt School, and those in that vein). It’s selective truth seeking, with a tacit acceptance of many of the politically correct attitudes that permeate our mainstream culture, through a ‘humanity is one’, culturally left, lense. Through following their thinkers and ideas, I have come to the realisation that the truth movement is more a cultural left ideology at it’s political core than anything to do with the Alt-Right.

    Other discordant statements I often hear the truth movement thinkers make is to call the psychopaths running things as ‘Nazis’, and then saying ‘fascist, Nazi, Zionist, Henry Kissinger…’, well I’m not sure how you can have Jewish supremacist Nazis, if someone can explain this conundrum, please enlighten me, such statements are a bit hard to take seriously.

    Going off on a tangent here, but to make it all more confusing, the terms ‘fascist’ or ‘liberal’ mean totally different things depending on the politics of the person using them. Firstly, to social justice warriors, fascists seem to be people who are for traditional values, are anti-abortion, but mainly these days, those who oppose immigration or who discuss race, and there is a street movement ‘antifa’, the ‘fa’ standing for ‘fascist’, who supposedly attack those who don’t want immigration, as that fact alone classifies them ‘fascists’.

    Then there is the truth movement, who is always talking about the fascist takeover of our country and how we have to stop it, but by that they seem to mean some sort of government-business-military elite who will take away the rights and freedoms of the individual, and put people in jail for dissent (which strikes me more as ‘totalitarian’). So, I still can’t understand what this fascism business is all about, if anyone happens to know, please enlighten me.

    Then there is ‘liberalism’. Both mainstream conservatives, and the Alt-Right are opponents of these ‘liberals’, who appear to basically be anyone who opposes the Right on the basis of PC or progressivism. However, I understood from reading about an ideology called ‘communitarianism’, that it arose as a critique of liberalism, liberalism being simply that the individual is the most important unit in society, and that government should be there mainly to protect the freedoms of the individual, without taking into account the community – hence the need for communitarian thinking. So being a white nationalist or radical traditionalist is actually more, communitarian that liberal, philosophically, but of course both liberalism and communitarianism thought in the mainstream is anti-nationalist, and universalist in outlook and agenda.

    Then there is liberalism (in the classical sense) and libertarianism, which is unclear to me how they differ and why there are two words for something that sounds more or less the same… but I think that’s enough on that for now…

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