New Atheists Refuted: Logic Presupposes Ethics & Metaphysics

Jay's Analysis

Rise of the empirical empire. Rise of the empirical empire.

“The Cosmos moves within the very life of eternity, and is contained in that very eternity whence all life issues. And for this reason it is impossible that it should at any time come to a stand, or be destroyed, since it is walled in and bound together, so to speak, by eternal life.”

– Asclepius, III, 29c

By: Jay Dyer

I learned a neat thing years ago.  Although philosophy is now a dead art in the West, those of us who are keepers of the true flame can still make progress by ignoring the postmodern nihilistic empiricist establishment by letting them march to their doom while we do our own thang.  The cool thing I learned is this – when we speak of the three main branches of philosophy, we think ethics, epistemology and metaphysics.  These branches make up what is commonly called a worldview…

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