The Kremlin’s Psychic Spies

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Retired KGB Major General Boris Ratnikov has a story to tell – about the Soviet and Russian intelligence’s use of psychic espionage in the Great Game. While Ratnikov’s story may sound fantastic, the details on Cold War-era remote viewing programs in both the United States and Soviet Union are very real. With that in mind, perhaps the general’s claims aren’t so far-fetched after all. In this 2006 interview with state newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta (RG), Ratnikov (BR) reveals some aspects of his mysterious work that no less than mirror the popular film Inception.


Major General Boris Ratnikov, 62 years old. Worked in the UKGB [Upravlenie – Directorate] for Moscow and Moscow Oblast. From 1991 he was the first deputy chief of the Russian Federation Main Protection Directorate (GUO). From 1994 to 1997 he was the main consultant to the Russian Federation Presidential Security Service (SBP) and Advisor to the chief…

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  1. Good call on linking this. Towards the bottom there’s also a link to a pretty good article on GlobalResearch about this. Sometimes I wonder how natural self-defeating thoughts really are; they do seem rampant in the “modern” milieu, along with all kinds of addictions. Once you start your journey to freedom from the matrix, you’ll encounter all sorts of bizarre occurrences which absolutely confirm all of this stuff is real.

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