Alchemy and Eros in Ridley Scott’s Legend (1985)

Jay's Analysis

legendintlbig The world of the psyche, enveloped in primal Darkness of the abyss.

By: Jay Dyer and Jennifer Sodini

Ridley Scott is reportedly not happy about Legend, nor is Tom Cruise. However, when we think “80s Tom Cruise,” we think Top Gun, Risky Business, and Legend. How does one go from Blade Runner to Legend? These are great 80s mysteries that we are not here to solve – what we are here to solve are the enigmatic, and sometimes bizarre, scenes and images in Legend. No stranger to positing deeper meanings to jovial 80s films targeted at adolescents, Jennifer Sodini and I have decoded the moribund (and sometimes meandering) mythos of Legend.

Packed with all the key elements of fantasy/whimsy…unicorns, princesses, sprites, goblins, fairies, and forest people galore, Legend resembles other 80s fantasy films like theDark Crystal, Labyrinth and The Never…

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