The Ninth Gate (1999) – Dante’s Esoteric Inferno

Jay's Analysis

Film poster. Image: Wikipedia. to the riddleFilm poster. Image: Wikipedia.

By: Jay Dyer

Roman Polanksi’s 1999 The Ninth Gate is not his best film, but it does contain a high level of esoteric symbology and twilight references pertinent to researchers. Based on the novel The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte, the film follows an antiquarian book dealer named Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) who is hired by a wealthy collector to track down the authentic copy of The Nine Gates which legend holds the Devil himself penned. An obscure 17th century Spanish mystic, Aristide Torchia, authored the 1666 copy of Lucifer’s original, which properly decoded grants adventurers the ability to ritually summon Satan. I’ve viewed it several times and the devil didn’t appear, but as I wandered about online I decided my notes contained the great esoteric secret! (I am joking.) What other analyses often missed is the film’s similarity to Eyes Wide Shut, both of which give clues and revelations concerning…

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1 Comment on The Ninth Gate (1999) – Dante’s Esoteric Inferno

  1. Fantastic film – stands up to multiple watches.

    Thanks for posting 🙂

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