JaysAnalysis: Mystical Meaning of the Allegory of the Cave (Half)

In this half talk, we come to the most important image in the history of western thought and philosophy, the allegory of the cave and the Platonic epistemology and metaphysic. Exemplifying in lucid terms exactly what Plato/Socrates thought about gnosis and statecraft, my talk demystifies and debunks the common misappropriation and misuse of this allegory. Contrary to popular opinion, the allegory is not about individual rebellion and enlightenment, but something much more ominous, rational and oddly mystical.  To hear the full talk, as well as the rest of the JayAnalysis Plato lectures, interviews and archives, subscribe at the PayPal link to the right.

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4 Comments on JaysAnalysis: Mystical Meaning of the Allegory of the Cave (Half)

  1. Love this talk and love your show Esoteric Hollywood. I know this is old and I’m sure you’ve probably seen this before but I just came across this and enjoyed the talk. It reminds me of your debates and Hoax Buster’s debates with New Atheists. If you’ve already seen this I apologize for clogging your comment section.

    Keep up the good work Jay!

  2. Red Tickerling // January 7, 2016 at 10:14 pm // Reply

    I almost failed a philosophy course 25 years ago when I disagreed about the cave allegory with the prof. He sarcastically made some comments about my take–recognition and consciousness was my central theme–then showed it up in class. Funny that no one laughed however. Damned liberal educations…

  3. This is not directly related to the topic of this post, but nonetheless I feel share it:

    Miles Mathis, much like your work, writes papers exposing psy-ops and predictive programming. Perhaps you will enjoy his papers and thoughts as well. I would love to see you two collaborate on a topic.


    You’re welcome!

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