Jay w/Dr. Farrell: Secrets of Aether Physics

First, I know the sound quality is bad, this is my second or so interview from back in 2007. Lost on my old computer, a listener dug this up and sent it to me. New to the game at the time I was still experimenting but the information presented is excellent. Dr. Farrell and I discuss the hermetica. Neoplatonic conceptions of the aether, his Secrets of the Unified Field, hidden metaphysics, information theory, the topological metaphor and much more.

His site and work can be found here.

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1 Comment on Jay w/Dr. Farrell: Secrets of Aether Physics


    I’m sitting here very quietly, in the middle of the night with my eyes closed, fascinated by what I’m hearing and then suddenly, silence; it stops!

    Wow! I could listen to you guys, especially Dr Ferrall, for hours. Such an interesting topic presented by such a learned man. He really seems like a genuine person, someone without an inflated ego that’s eager to share his knowledge with anyone who may sincerely want to learn.

    Great interview Jay. My only complaint is that there wasn’t more. Oh well, thanks again for at least the hour…it was time well spent.

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