Confession of a Samurai

The Soul of the East

Japanese-American actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was baptized into the Orthodox Christian faith on November 13th, 2015, taking the name of Panteleimon. Playing a yakuza gangster who becomes an Orthodox priest in the new Russian film Yerei-San, Tagawa shares his life experience with a journalist of the publication PravMir. His reflections show the unbreakable spirit of a samurai, and now a warrior of Christ. Translated by Mark Hackard.

Not Soldiers, But Warriors

In the history of my family, there is a connection to Russia. While my father was in the US military, he studied Russian. And my uncle, who was a famous singer in the 1960s, came to Moscow every year to perform concerts. He also spoke and sang songs in Russian, and therefore he is a part of my history tied to Russia.

I was impressed by the depth of Russian people. This was the first thing that…

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