Jay w/Afternoon Commute: OJ’s Magical Mars Moon Juice


John and Chris of The Afternoon Commute join Jay Dyer on an exploration into recent “events”; The San Bernardino Shooting and the recent Paris attacks. Weaponized Immigration as a control strategy, Media manipulation and coordination, Predictive Programming, O.J and Capricorn One, Reality TV, Scare Mongering, The Government’s monopoly on violence, Fear and Statist control. The controlled narrative.

3 thoughts on “Jay w/Afternoon Commute: OJ’s Magical Mars Moon Juice

  1. Hi Jay. I was interested in watching the movie Heaven’s Gate to see if there was any predictive programming with the Rancho Santa Fe cult. Before I invest my time watching this box office flop I thought it would be a good idea to see if you already looked into this. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey I know the Brown family, Nicole’s sister was my classmate from fifth grade thru high school. She was murdered. OJ did it. The media circus and all that, another story, speculate all you want. OJ is a fucking douchebag, and that shit still makes me angry because it was a long tortuous ordeal for the family, my friends, and our town.

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