Jay Dyer’s Esoteric Hollywood: 2001 A Space Odyssey Decoded

In this episode of Esoteric Hollywood I break down Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and its esoteric meaning. Included are my rebuttals of the Neo-Darwinian philosophy that underpins the narrative, as well as the exotheology mythos that it seeks to evangelize with. 2001 is a technical achievement but also a tremendous propaganda piece that concludes with gnostic transhumanism.

Intro theme: “Dream Agent” by Ariel Electron, Holeg Spies and Thierry Gotti on the “Kore Kosmou” album.

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Esoteric Hollywood is Jay Dyer’s (from JaysAnalysis.com) deconstruction of the deeper messages, symbols, and predictive programming subtexts that underlie modern film, including interviews with artists and experts in numerous media fields. Based on years of research into film analysis, comparative religion, propaganda, psychological warfare, secret societies and mind control, Esoteric Hollywood decodes the biggest movies in an unparalleled way, from the classics of the silver screen to today’s blockbusters. Learn to watch film with completely new eyes, as philosophy and conspiracy combine to enlighten the arts and awaken the masses. Support my show by purchasing your organic products and supplements from Natural News and Talknetwork’s store featuring over 500 lab-tested products.


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2 Comments on Jay Dyer’s Esoteric Hollywood: 2001 A Space Odyssey Decoded

  1. Hello good man,

    I’m nearly sure you don’t follow the JRE or infowars, but check out episode 911 of Joe Rogan where the guest speaks of many of these interrelated topics, if u can stand to sift thru all of the hoggywash that is. Alex brings up how Darwin as well as other scienticic types were channeling to get ideas. I have so much more to say but no time for now. Loved the Donnie Darko breakdown also. Peace

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