Jay on Far Out Radio: Skynet and the A.I. Takeover

Scott Teeters of Far Out Radio on the Rense Radio Network invited me back to discuss my presentation at the Secret Space Program.  We investigate the topics of black budgets and hidden loot by which the military industrial complex has secreted away hidden tech that is ultimately about the erection of the global A.I. SmartGrid.  From SmartPhones to SmartCities, the plan is more nefarious than most are aware…

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3 Comments on Jay on Far Out Radio: Skynet and the A.I. Takeover

  1. Jay, based on the summary above, I was wondering if you could please comment or write about some of the insights you came away with from that space conference. It must have been pretty significant to be around some of the “heavies” in the alt-media game?

  2. Flying jets-planes remotely was achieved in WWII. Joe Kennedy Jr. was killed via remote-controlled fighter plane in Germany. As the story goes he was to bomb a “secret” German munitions plant that used a hillside as its – false – facade. The plane’s controls went awry and when JK Jr. tried to take over manually he was unable to and the plane hit the hillside and blew up. The rub, though, is the U.S. had already attacked and destroyed the plant some six months previous, which means Joe Kennedy, Jr. was purposely killed.

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