Jay w/Tim Kelly: Islam, the Vatican and Religious Manipulation

Tim Kelly invited me back on his show Our Interesting Times to discuss Jihad, the history of the relationship of Islam and Christianity and the prevalence of false flags and staged terror.  We touch on ISIS, Iran, the Middle East, and then the plan to infiltrate and utilize the papacy on the part of Masonry and revolutionary secret societies.

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4 Comments on Jay w/Tim Kelly: Islam, the Vatican and Religious Manipulation

  1. Yuri Bezmenov demoralisation & subversion of western society http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZnkULuWFDg subversion chart https://unifiedserenity.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/9e92e-scan0003.jpg

  2. Great show.
    It is true that at certain periods in history Christians were able to live in relative peace under Muslim rule. However, not very well by all accounts. They were under constant threat of loosing their property, wives, daughters, sons and often their heads. I remember reading that in the early days of Islam they would leave Christians in charge of managing the infrastructure in the territories that they had taken from the Eastern Roman Empire until they learned how their systems worked. This would be the case with St. John of Damascus and his father Sergius as you mentioned.

    I agree with what you said on your last interview on Red Ice that the goal is to demonize all religions, beginning with Islam and fringe cults. If I remember correctly there was even some “Russian Orthodox” terrorists in a Tom Clancy film a few years ago.

    I think a better definition of Nestorianism would be the teaching that in the person of Christ we have two natures, divine and human, which each have their own hypostasis and that this union is not inseparable but relative. The Virgin Mary having given birth to the human nature (Χριστοτόκος not Θεοτόκος) which was later united to the divine nature. Whereas Orthodox Christianity would teach that the in the person of Christ we have two natures united inconfusedly, unchangeably, indivisibly, inseparably in the womb of the Virgin Mary (Θεοτόκος) in the hypostasis of the Logos. The human nature not having it’s own hypostasis. I am sure you know this but what you said sounded more like Arianism.

    Any chance we could get an interview between the Rev. John Hagee and Cobra Commander? Hagee could rebuke Commander as I am sure he is anti-Israel.

  3. Crimson pilled // December 22, 2015 at 9:46 am // Reply

    Interesting at the beginning about so called conspiracies, in relation to the Alt-Right, or far Right, and how they don’t tend to put much analysis into them. It all depends really on how we define conspiracy. To the mainstream, any assertion that one group of people has opposing interests to another gets occasionally called a conspiracy theory, although this never seems to get applied to Islam or Muslims. It often gets applied to Jews or Freemasons, and international banking, and also to any narrative that challenges the official consensus conveyed by the mainstream establishment, media, etc, which indicates that these aforementioned groups are effectively within the establishment. So a conspiracy theory, if we accept this definition, is believed in by ‘the people’, who are relatively powerless, aimed at the upper echelons, those with the power and in control.

    Last night I watched a program about fact or fiction in the narrative of the life of Christ, and one of the academics they interviewed described the notion that Mary Magdalene was in a romantic relationship with Christ as a ‘conspiracy theory’. So even when there is no ‘conspiracy’ to speak of, but simply an alternate reading of history to the one regarded as fact by the establishment, it is still termed a ‘conspiracy theory’, extending the term probably a lot further than the original intention of the term, much like the terms ‘racism’ and ‘anti-Semitism’.

    Coming back to the far Right, how they see things is more a case of sociobiology and ethnic genetic interests, that biological race is a pre-requisite for the continuation of Western (or any other) Civilisation, and that even if there is no intended conspiracy per se, that different races and cultures should be best kept within their own territories, and that multiracialism itself causes conflict, the divide between the races being important enough to warrant peaceful separation, at least with respect to land and political destiny. Some thinkers like Kevin MacDonald hold that this ethnic genetic conflict also applies to Jews (as an ethnic group), as well as other non-Whites, although with Jews it is especially problematic because they have the power to shape policy and perceptions to suit their interests.

    The crux of the definition of conspiracy appears to be on the notion of ‘organic’ vs. ‘synthetic’, in terms of the origin of events of historical / political significance. The official narrative we are all brought up with is very much an ‘organic’ one. As in, things ‘just happen’. WWI started because of the assassination of an Arch Duke, WWII started because the Nazis wanted to take over the world and were jealous of wealthy Jews ( and/or saw Jews as sub-humans, not sure which) so wanted to genocide them, and consequently the world had to heroically step in and stop them. The 1960s happened because the people finally woke up and realised that free love, drug use and mysticism were the path to world peace. After the Cold War, which was all about the rivalry between Capitalism and Communism, the Islamic world and its fundamentalists got so jealous of Western prosperity and decadence, as well as support for Israel (to a lesser degree), that they decided to attack New York. Now, we fight the ‘war on terror’, which we have to unless we want to live under a world caliphate of head choppers, and televised transgender singing contests will no longer be possible…

    Under an ‘everything is organic’ view of the world, there can be no social engineering, or pre-planning of events, by government / elites, who are simply powerless and react just as we do, to the ebbs and flows or history, which they do not create. There can be no ‘conspiracies’. Everything a government says, it intends, and believes in. Everything is as it seems, and any secrets the government keep are simply to ‘protect national interests’, which are always aligned to the people’s interest.

    The so called ‘truth’ thinkers (not that I am in disagreement, in general, but they need a better name), which I am learning about more in the past few weeks, represented by David Icke, Ian R Crane, Richard Hall, Brandon Martinez (nonalignedmedia), Jaysanalysis and others, including some libertarians, appears not to look at race or ethnic genetic interests as fundamental to their world view, and sees Zionists as a problem rather than Jews as a whole (whether for reasons of political correctness or genuine conviction I do not know, but I will assume the latter). In other words, the globalists who cause the problems are corrupt people who happen to be Jewish, and which also include Freemasons and secret societies, without there being anything inherently supremacist or ethically questionable about the Jewish religion, or ethnic group (perhaps a little naive). Often, these thinkers will refer to ‘the Right’ when they speak of Neocons, even though the real ‘far Right’ is opposed to neoconservatism in nearly every aspect. I have even heard them say that the Nazis ‘never lost WWII’, and that they secretly run the world, which I find contradicts everything else they say about the power of the neoconservative and media / financial elites, who weren’t exactly white nationalists last time I checked. Film critic Rob Ager, who claims to not defer to political correctness, has made a number of ‘anti-racist’ themed videos, which strikes me as a Cultural Marxist position on race combined with a ‘conspiratorial’ view about the media and elites, and doesn’t seem to realise the connection between the two.

    It appears that it isn’t so much ‘truth’ or ‘fact’ that determine a political position, but a value system, and a relative apportioning of importance to certain facts, which then inform decisions on who our political opponents are, whether they are Islam, or jews, non-whites, communists, fascists, capitalists, the Fed, Masons, the Illuminati…. anyone can look up and discover problematic aspects on all of these groups. It is also a question of ‘playing the odds’, as in what are the odds a representative of this group exhibits the characteristics normally associated with it, and some have a higher tolerance for making a political point out of it than others.

    While it may not be the official position of many Alt-Right blogs that 9/11 was in inside job, in the comments sections I do see that it does get brought up for debate fairly often when the war on terror comes up. Hopefully there can be constructive cross-pollination of ideas between the two groups, on both sides, as they grow and mature.

    • Crimson pilled // December 22, 2015 at 9:59 am // Reply

      I forgot to mention one thing – that for all the extension of the term conspiracy theory to things unrelated, questioning the official narrative of Climate Change never attracts that term (instead it is ‘climate change denier’, or sceptic). Also, Climate Change scepticism is well entrenched in the mainstream (conservative) media, as well as, increasingly these days, criticism of Islam – which appear to be the two main bones of contention separating establishment conservatives and the cultural Left.

      Conspiracy theory appears to be term almost exclusively used to describe views only presented in the alternative media.

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